New DAC/ Bridge set up

Need alot of help with setting up this new PWD. Could not get a connection to modem and had a very hard time trying to figure out how to use this machine. Down loaded elyric to ipad and mac desktop but have no idea where to go from here. A detailed set up and user guide would of been nice but not included. I really need some help getting walked through this. Mike

@shammy1: If you give a few more details about your system, people can help you better.

How are you trying to connect – wired or wireless? What’s your network like? Have you tried rebooting the router after connecting the PWD? (Mac folks may have more specific suggestions–I run Windows.)

You need server/player software and an iPad control point. PSA’s eLyric Music Manager (EMM) that you downloaded to your mac is the former. When I installed the Windows version of EMM, instructions came up each time I started it that did a good job walking you through the process of pointing EMM to where you music files are located etc. I imagine the Mac version has the same help screens – see if you can locate them. The control point on your iPad, which we usually refer to just as eLyric, will let you control the PWD (select inputs, etc.) and also select music to play once you have access to the PWD on the network. You can also play directly from EMM if you wish (requires being at the computer, of course, but may be useful for setup and testing).


Thanks for helping him. It’s getting late here and I just got off the phone with another forum member.


Okay I am trying to connect into a fios modem/router with a ethernet cablle to the bridge. If there is something better I should do please speak up. I have a cd player and idock going into the dac which is operating well. I am very new to this computer/music stuff so please explain things well as I don’t use the computer much except for surfing. Also need to know what music sites I should join for best results.

Gordon, I knew it was late last night and I was shot too after messing with the DAC. Just thought I would prep the forum for answers. Mike

Apart from getting a modem/router (Netgear DGND 3700) which allowed me to assign a static ip address to the Bridge, the best fix for stability issues when streaming was using Power Line Extenders to get the signal to the DAC. Its as close as you can get to a hard wired connection to the Bridge.

shammy1… I have been playing around with streaming to the PWD for a full two years so I have an idea what you are going through. Hang in there Buddy!


There have been a lot of issues with PWD and the fios modem/router.

It can work but often the ISP does updates for various reasons and can throw it off again.

I would suggest a Linksys or Netgear router which will plug into and extend the fios.

I have a meeting with my city this evening but will be back before nine and elaborate.

The added investment will pay off.

meanwhile list your equipment and how everything is connected to the fios.

I had the same problem with a Verizon Fios modem/router. After fighting with them for a couple of weeks I changed to Cox. BINGO! problem solved. Cox installed a D Link. I later purchased a Netgear and hard wired it between my computer and the Bridge which improved the sound.

I wish that I had the benefit of what Gordon has to say later. It may have saved me some aggravation.

Thanks everyone, I know this will get done eventually but tonight I have no energy for this.

If another router is needed please help me choose one. Mike


Here is what I would buy.

Easy to set up. just turn OFF the “radio” Wifi on the fios router and let the Extreme do the job for you. It only has 3 ports so if you need more wired connections, then also pick up a good SWITCH [not a hub] that will add another 8 ports.

It will be a fun exercise for you and after it all you will be an official PSA Network maven.

Comments about airport Extreme Router

Tuesday, July 16, 2013 - 11:39 am · Reply

It is just too bad that I will likely never need to buy a wireless router anymore. For the past five years, I’ve been using Verizon’s FiOS (fiber optic) service for internet, which comes with Verizon’s own branded WiFi router. It is probably nowhere near as fast as the AirPort, but it is provided to me for free (i.e. there is no way to decline the router and lower the monthly price), so I may as well use it. I’m sure many people are in the same boat.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013 - 11:49 am · Reply

There’s a reason not to use it and plug it into an Apple router for an extra $200: far better performance. All other routers slow down your connection, take longer to deliver the goods. You pay for not having an Apple router every single time you open up a web page on your iPhone or MacBook.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013 - 12:35 pm · Reply

Absolutely true. I have a free wireless router and tested it compared to the Airport and hands down the Airport connection was faster. Every device is now connected to the Airport.

Here is another good router comparison review. [with bar graphs even]

Here is another good router comparison review. [with bar graphs even]

I wonder why they left out the Asus.....(?)

Because they are Apple fanboys and they didn’t want to include a product that would out-perform their pet product?


Router of the future?

Sorry for the delay, did not mean to bail on all the help given here but have been busy.

Have not figured out the bridge yet but need to put the system back together today or the wife will throw us both out.

My question now is when I first hooked up the dac I listened in many different modes and now I only seem to be able to listen in the native and X mode. What did I do?

What did you change since we last heard from you? Are you stable on Ethernet, at least in NativeX? Is there no sound in Native mode or at other sample rates?

If she throws you out WITH your system she is a good woman! :smiley:

No internet music yet but I am trying to solve other issues first.

When using my transport I can only listen in native modes, when I switch to other sample rates I get no sound. Is this right? Mike

In terms of putting the system back together to preserve domestic harmony (assuming it lives in a rack or cabinet where you would prefer not to be taking it apart for wiring changes), you should have:

1) digital out from transport to coax or toslink SP/DIF input (unless your transport supports i2s connections, which would be better) – sounds like you have this

2) ethernet from Bridge back to router

3) ethernet from computer (or NAS) to router

There is also the option of playing audio from your computer via USB. Many of us find ethernet to the Bridge superior in sound quality, but YMMV; also, the WaveStream software that PSA is developing may change the equation. So if you have an extra USB cable lying around you might hook it up and leave the other end accessible in case you want to try this option later.

I don’t know what’s going on with having only Native or NativeX available, but I don’t expect it’s a hardware issue. NativeX usually sounds best anyway. When you say “no internet music” I think you are referring to things like Pandora and Spotify, but if you mean “no music playback of music files from computer via ethernet to Bridge” that’s different. You are right to focus on other things before internet radio in terms of making sure your physical setup is good to go.

If you have cabling such as I described you should be able to work on other issues as you have time without taking things apart. If I’ve overlooked something I’m sure someone else will jump in:).

O.K. I am not concerned with the bridge hook up right now.

When I play my transport through a coax or toslink cable I only hear sound in the native and X mode.

When I press 44.1 or 48 or 88.2 or 96 or176.4 or 192 I get no sound at all. Is there something I am missing? Sorry for the hassle and I know I am computer illiterate but this is frustrating.

No hassle at all, Sir. Help is what the forum is all about. I do not have a PWT but someone will chime in soon.


Hi, just catching up on your post.

Is your transport a PWT and if so which inputs are you using to connect it to PWD?

Have you tried another source by the same input[s]?