PWD2 voltage conversion 120V 230V


Does anyone know how to DIY convert PWD2 voltage from 120V to 230V? I have an 120V DAC and using it with a voltage transformer, but I think it’s best to have the correct voltage directly inside the DAC.

I have done a bit of looking inside and reading and I suspect it is quite simple to convert the voltage, but I’d appreciate any feedback or additional info.

In these pics here, I suspect this is a 230V wiring:

Notice the red jumper wire connecting pin 2 and 3 on the green colour terminal block

In my DAC which is 120V wired I have 2 jumper wires, connecting pin 1 to 3 and pin 2 to 4.

I suspect the conversion 120V to 230V is as simple as taking out the two jumper wires and connecting one wire as in the pictures to pin 2 and 3.

Is anyone able to confirm?


I forgot which ones, but on the wire block with the white, grey, black and brown wires you need to re-configure those too.

A while back I had contact with someone in Russia that does those conversions.

I can email him and ask, but last time I emailed him my email came back.

My email is if you want to contact me directly.