PWT and PWD combo

I know most have moved on to the DSD, but just have to say that @Paul and the boys really got this combo right. Cherry on top is the HDMI-12 i2s cable. Using the original firmware, later firmware versions mucked up the sound in my opinion. Anyways, just my shoutout to the PS audio boys, well done all those years ago!


Enjoyed that combo the years I had it–and still use those HDMI cables. They really did produce great sound.

The HDMI-12s, I really have never found a better i2s cable within the rational price range. Have not climbed to the upper echelons of the ridiculous prices and have no desire to.

I agree. I have a total of 8 of them now. Five for my video needs in my audio/video system (DVR, Oppo UDP-205, Apple TV, HDMI splitter and TV), one from my PST and one from my NuWave Phono Converter each going to my modded DSD DAC, and in my headphone system one going from my DMP to my DSD DAC there.

Been lucky to find most of them used and quite reasonably priced, several times from great members here. I’ve tried other HDMI and just not been as happy for audio purposes–Harmonic Technology, Pink Faun and Van DeHull et al. I’m sticking with what I have until another ship comes in.