PWT does not stop spinning when stop is pushed

Greetings. i am new at this, but have a question. i have a two month old PWT and noticed that when i hit the stop button, the unit continues to make a whirring noise for about 20 more minutes. The music stops of course but it sounds like the disc is continuing to spin for the next 20 minutes or so. I do not recall hearing this when i first got the unit but maybe it has done this all along. I was wondering if others with the PWT experienced this.

thanks. Kent

Any chance you might be hitting the pause button inadvertently?

no but good call. i hit stop from the remote or on the unit, and it shows it has stopped, but i continue to hear the whirring sound coming from the disc tray area.

I have this issue as well,even when I push the standby button.

Welcome, pichi and kent tager!

Have you each tried turning off and unplugging the PWT to clear its memory?

Have you upgraded to the latest firmware? See, here

Thanks Elk

I checked the firmware and it was up to date(it did make me check and update my p5, that was a nudge I needed so thanks for the suggestion) I then turned off the PWT,unplugged it,plugged it back in and tried again.

No changes unfortunately

I have noticed that the duration seems to vary a bit,but to give an example I used the stopwatch on the iphone this time.

First I played the cd for about 90 seconds and then press stop…no music but still spinning for 9 mins 40 seconds.

Then play cd for 90 seconds push stop and then push PS standby button…no music,no screen but still spinning for 10 mins 5 seconds.

Not a bad thing i suppose,but a bit odd maybe? I try to remember to eject cd’s when I’m done but a lot of the time I am switching straight over to the music server out of laziness and don’t hear it.

This is odd. Unfortunately, I am otherwise idealess.

Since reading this post, I checked my 5 month old PWT and sure enough I can hear a slight whirring noise also when I hit stop. My ear needs to be about 4-5 inches from the drawer,but it is making the noise for sure. I can’t believe this is a rare/random occurrence. Anyone else have this problem and is PS Audio aware of this defect? I would not think this would be part of the engineering design…

On the other hand, the PWT is a memory player. Stop means stop making music/sending data. The drive is just a storage medium for the software.

Thus, the drive continuing to spin is just like a computer where the CD drive continues to spin for a bit even after the last call for data off of the CD has been requested.

I need to check, but I expect my PWT does this also. I also bet all others do as well; we just have not noticed.

Elk said

I need to check, but I expect my PWT does this also. I also bet all others do as well; we just have not noticed.

Elk,did you check your PWT? Anyone else check their units also? confused-28_gif

Hi Folks,

As you probably know, the actual drive mechanism in the PWT is a computer DVD drive. We are unable to use them directly however, they are designed specifically for fast random access, and read and write speeds. For our audio processing requirements, requiring quiet running, little random access, and high error correction, custom software is loaded during the transport manufacturing process. One of the ‘features’ of this custom software is to avoid having the drive go into park mode. Park is when the drive decides it is not being used. In Park mode the motor stops turning and the drive head is moved to a safe park location at the edge of the disc.

Pause, Stop, and Park, are all different instructions to the drive and the drive controller. In both Pause mode and Stop mode the drive motor continues to rotate, and the read/write head stays in position, ready to resume the playback process. It is only if the music is not playing for 20 minutes (2 minutes with previous revision drives) that the drive will go into Park mode.

To specifically address your comment, you are correct that the drive continues to spin when Stop is pressed. It will continue to spin until the timeout point is reached. We prefer if the drive does not go into Park during a listening session. It isn’t a big deal, but it does take additional time, and it makes more noise.


Thank-you very much Dave,I did not know that about the PWT. My OCD can now take rest in the assurance that all is good to

Yes! Thank you Dave, that was very helpful.

thank you as well. it is pretty audible when no music is playing and i am putting my ear within a few inches of the player. just glad to know that it is doing what it is supposed to be doing.

And thanks from me mate.

Case closed