PWT noise issues

Hi all,

I’m new to the world of the PWT and am doing a 30 day home audition together with the Stellar Gain Cell DAC connected via I2S. This factory refurbished PWT is a direct purchase from PSA and I’ve had it in use for about 3 days now.

My concern is with 2 noise issues from the player:

  1. The drive mechanism emits a continuous grinding clackity-clack sound which I can hear during pianissimo passages of music playback from my listening position about 12 feet away on the other side of my listening room.

  2. There is a noticeable click sound at the start of each track of every disc I’ve played.

Question: Are these 2 noise issues normal baseline for this machine or is there something wrong?

The PWT drive is a bit noisy and that is normal. The click before each track is not. You might want to give us a call.

Thanks Paul for the quick reply.

I’ll contact tech support.

Oh and I’m curious-- is the drive for the DMP also “a bit noisy”? If not, I might be headed toward a real quick upgrade.

The PWT drive is an Asus DVD-E818AAT/BLK with custom software. It makes the typical noises of a DVD drive, although it is a bit noisier than average. I personally have not heard one however which make enough noise to be heard 12 feet away in pp passages. Thus i suspect you may have a noisier example. I suggest mentioning it when you speak with tech support.

So the drives in both PWT and DMP are the same?

The DMP drive is sourced from Oppo. Not the same as the PWT. My DMP is dead quiet compared to my former PWT…

Paul McGowan said

The PWT drive is a bit noisy and that is normal.

Andolink – I too have a refurbished PWT with a noisy drive. I sit about 11’ feet away from the unit and it’s easy to hear during quiet passages…very annoying! I brought mine back to PSA (I live in Boulder County) and had the drive replaced…unfortunately it didn’t help. I’ve now brought mine back for a second time and it’s currently with the repair team. Fingers crossed.

This last time when I dropped off the unit, the customer service team played for me another PWT that was sitting on someone’s desk for comparison. It was extremely quiet even when I put my ear right up to the drive, therefore, I’m optimistic that the repair team can get this fixed. I’ll update you once I get mine back.

btw – the customer service/tech support team at PSA is fantastic…you’re in good hands!

Good to hear xian.

So another option is to send my PWT back for a drive replacement. The upgrade to a DMP might just be more of an endgame move though IYKWIM.

andolink, if you can afford a DMP I would go that route. It can read SACDs and output DSD through the I2S input on your DAC, and some of the people on this forum who I respect and trust, say it is a real upgrade. The PWT I own sits about 6 feet away, and I can only hear it after it plays a CD, so not an issue for me, but anyone who owns a PSA DAC can benefit from the newer transport. Sound quality is supposed to be even better than the PWT, which is an excellent transport, SQ wise.