PWT drawer

Last year I had the PWT sent out to the importer in Belgium - I am in The Netherlands. Manually opening of the drawer failed repeatedly, the remote did help out sometimes. Or switching the unit on/off. Anyway, I had it serviced - new drive, but now after 8 months - the problem repeats. It usually happens after a week without playing. Opening with remote still helps. Is there anything I can do myself without going back to the importer?

I recommend you contact PSA customer service directly by e-mail or phone tomorrow to facilitate a quicker resolution of your issue:

800/772-8346, or (Customer Contact Portal)

It’s a holiday over here in the 'States today though.

Good luck with your fix.

I have seen where the metal drawer plate gets sticky over time. Perhaps check to see if that isn’t the case. If the metal cover is sticking, you might be able to see where and put just a smudge of lubricant on both surfaces. But, perhaps it’s not the drawer (if you say you can open it with the remote?). If that’s the case then I recommend recalibrating the touch screen.

First of all: Thank you and scotte1 for your reaction.

I checked the drawer (the part that slides out) which look OK.
We do not smoke over here, and I usually operate the cd.
Perhaps a recalibration may help? Can you please tell me how to do that?


Thank you Elk. I’ll give that a try.

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I did as instructed and now the drawer seems to do OK!
After switching on and holding the left front top PSAudio switch; you need to press 1, 2, 3 en 4 rather quickly. I started the first time just being able to press 1, 2… (note: there is no tactile/audible ‘click’). The player started initializing before hitting 3 and 4. Anyway, I just re-did it. Now pressing 1, 2, 3, and 4 before the player started initializing, And… Suave!

Wonderful news!

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Great! Glad that worked out for you!

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Well done, sir!!

@Paul, Elk, Jamesh, Scotte1: Big Thanks to you!