PWT Won't Play Nice with Black Ice DAC

I just bought a Black Ice Glass FX WiFi DAC and hooked it up to my PWT transport using a digital coax cable (Blue Jeans). When I try to play a CD I get an occasional thump and then it starts getting drop outs. Finally the PWT froze and I had to turn off the power switch to restart it.

I disconnected the coax cable from the PWT and hooked it up to the digital out of my Marantz SA 8005 player and everything works fine. When I had the PWT hooked up to the Black Ice DAC I left the I2S cable hooked up to my PW MkII DAC. Could this be causing a problem? It would be nice to be able to leave both DACs hooked up so I can use either one. This is the first time I have tried to use the PWT as a transport for another DAC.

FWIW, my PWT has been trouble prone from the beginning. It is on its third drive.

Any advice or suggestions will be appreciated.

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Have you ever used the Coax out on the PWT before to know that it has ever worked. Most transports won’t allow more than one output connection at a time and the PWT already thinks that the I2S has priority so pull it from the PWT and see if the Coax becomes active. You probably need to turn the PWT off first as some units don’t like “hot swaps” of connections and it will clear things anyway with a power cycle.


OK, I’ll try that. I did a search and in a previous post Paul and others said it was OK to run multiple digital outs at the same time.

I disconnected the I2S cable from the PWT and that seemed to do the trick. Problem solved. Thanks.

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Glad it worked.

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