Clicking sound in pwt

Hi everyone,

On some cds, mostly when a piece of music is on several tracks and should play gapless, there is a sligt click in the sound when moving from one track to the next one.

System: psa pwt and psa ds dac, connected with audioquest hdmi coffee, then balanced crystal dreamline interconnects to plinius m8 and then to plinius sa103. From there, heaven’s gate audio to cabasse artis kara (biwired).

Has anyone encountered something similar?

Any suggestions to get rid of that issue?

Thanks in advance to all of you.



Phil, is it a click through the speakers or a mechanical click from the PWT?


Through the speakers, but I figured it out. Played those cds on another cd player and I get the same slight click (a bit like a needle drop on a LP). So the pwt is ok, it comes from the cds, problem solved.



Not only do I get the “needle drop” on every CD, I also now hear every volume step clicking on my preamp, from 0 to 99. Never heard that before with any other transport.