PWT Ports

I received a new internet model from Comcast recently. The modem has a firewall with security levels. I currently need to set the minimum security level for the PWT to download track info and album art from PS Audio. I would like to bump up the security level and manually open the appropriate ports. Below is what the modem states in medium security. What additional ports do I need to open?

  • Typical Security (Medium)
    Allow (LAN-to-WAN): all
    IDS enabled
    IDENT (port 113)
    ICMP request
    Peer-to-peer apps:
    kazaa - (TCP/UDP port 1214)
    bittorrent - (TCP port 6881-6999)
    gnutella- (TCP/UDP port 6346)
    vuze - (TCP port 49152-6553)