Router and aPWT


I am new to the forums and PS Audio. I bought a direct stream dac and PWT combo. I installed the router and plugged it into both the bridge and the PWT. Both the bridge and PWT are showing connection to the internet, but the PWT is getting an RW (which I assume is read write error) when trying to download album covers. Is this the router, the PWT or a combination of both? I have tried three different SD cards thinking maybe it was the card, but still am experiencing the same issue.

Thanks, in advance, for any assistance you can offer with this issue…

Make sure the SD card is formatted FAT-16 and the lock switch in the unlocked position.


Tricks to get the PWT to load album info and art:

1 - Reload the CD

2 - Reload the CD a few hours or even days later - the database may update during that time

3 - Cycle the PWT power AFTER establishing an Internet connection on your router. If the router looses and then reestablishes its connection, the PWT may say it has a connection but it often doesn’t.

Not all CDs are in the database and not all CDs in the database are correctly entered. While you are trying to get this working, use a very common CD on the assumption that it is in the database.

Good luck.

you will get an error if the cd isnt in the database so if you go to your playlist here on psaudio you can add the info and artwork…I have had to do it with about 30% of my library so far mostly the obscure stuff or really new releases