PerfectWave SACD Transport (to replace PWT)

Hello to all current owners of the PST. I am considering replacing my PWT to achieve the “ultimate” in sound quality from primarily Redbook CDs. I have a few SACDs but don’t plan to collect these in any significant numbers.

So my main question is do you all consider this a worthy upgrade and if so, why specifically. I never owned the DMP mostly due to optical drive availability and operational issues discovered on the forum. If there are any PST owners who replaced a PWT and listen primarily to Redbook CDs, I would especially be interested in hearing your feedback.

@jamesh could you please comment of the current state of the PST in terms of bugs, operational issues, reliability, etc.?

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Operationally and usability of the PST is leagues beyond what the DMP ever was. I think it would be fare to compare its lack of bugs to the PST. Early on it had some issues with freezing where the software would lock up, but Barry and Co. has reduced that from happening 10 fold. With the latest code it can still happen, but far less than before. When/if it happens, a quick reboot always fixes the issue. If you’re happy with the functionality and lack of bugs with the PWT, you’ll be pleased with the PST.

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The PWT is a fine device. I am not certain everyone could reliably pick the PST from the PWT in a double blind listening test. Many could, but not all. Don’t sell the PWT short, but you might want to take advantage of the current sale price of the PST and the extended return policy and see if you can hear a difference in your very own home.


Thanks for the candid feedback. I really appreciate it.


Once you get the PST, I bet you want to get more SACD to play on. They sounded so good on it that I have expanded my collection from 20 to 200 discs now! And I know I will not stop there.


That says a lot. I just ordered the PST a few hours ago…


I sold a wonderful but old PWT. Once sold, the buyer couldn’t stop thanking me for selling it to him. I like SACD’s and I wanted the option of playing them natively instead of ripping them. Once I got the PST, I revisited my CD library. I have hundreds of discs waiting to be rediscovered. The sound is really good on CD Playback. The sound is very close to that of SACD’s. It’s a worthwhile investment.


I have owned 2 PWTs, the first I sold back to the original owner who suffered buyer’s remorse. After playing that one for less than a month, I was happy to return it, so to speak; I understood his loss. I bought a 2nd PWT soon thereafter. Life can be roses.