DMP fuse replacement

The PWT used a 1A fuse but I see that the DMP uses 1,6 A.

For anyone who was using an aftermarket 1 A fuse in their PWT, did you switch it into your DMP without problems? Did it blow? Quickly?

Don’t do it. My DMP shipped with a 1 amp fuse instead of the 1.6. After a software update the unit would not power up as it had blown the 1 amp fuse. James sent me a couple pf replacement fuses of the correct 1.6 amp value and It has been fine since!

Wow, really? That’s disappointing. Did the fuse blow during the update process? Because the update process sucks more juice? If so, how long did the 1A fuse work during normal playback before you attempted the update?

The Dmp worked for a short period of time with the 1 amp fuse. It wasn’t the update that blew the fuse it was simply the back panel power off and power on. The DMP must have allot of power supply capacitance as if you have your ear near by when you power it up you can hear the bong of the inrush current. That is why they increased the size of the fuse to 1.6 I am sure. My unit was just a slip up where someone picked the fuse from the wrong bin. I am lucky that it did not blow the 1 amp the first time i powerd it up i would have been upset if it was DOA out of the box.

Be careful with the high cost aftermarket fuses as i have heard many complain that they blow before the rated value.

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Sounds like I’d better not risk the 1A.

I’ve heard the same about the tight ratings of aftermarket fuses. I’ve been using Hifi Tuning Supreme in both the DAC and PWT with no issues (yet). If the DMP is overpowered, maybe I should use a 2A fuse. I have some power protection on the line. Seems unlikely that an 0.4 jolt will take out the player.

Lucky the slip up was a lower value fuse and not a higher one.

You should use the correct rated fuse unless PS Customer Support clears you to use something else.

Yeah, and you should use a slow blow fuse when a slow blow rated fuse is specified.

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I was using HiFi Tuning Supreme 1.6 A fuses before. I change to Synergistic Research Blue ones and believe it or not, the blue one sounds more organic. It’s been many months and haven’t had any problems yet. Although the blue ones I put in my Aurender blew pretty fast when I turn the power on and off. I put back the HiFi Tuning Supreme back in the Aurender and haven’t had any problems since although it doesn’t sound quite as good as the blue one. I blew two 1 A fuses with the Aurender which uses two 1 A fuses. That’s $300 just like that.

Thanks for all your helpful advice, Brodric. Are you a PS employee?

Ha! @Paul… Do you have any positions open for Brodric?

Nope…but if they want to sponsor my US visa then I’d be happy to join the team. Colorado spring weather and Paul as a boss would be pretty cool. Lucky for them, I’m cheap :rofl:

He could buy one of these, pimp it out in PS colors, fit it out with a PS audio system, and I could drive him to all the audio shows in style! Might even be able to squeeze a pair of AN1 in the boot for the show demos.

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For components where I’ve chosen to use Syn Blue fuses, I plug that component into the “HC” outlets in my P20. That seems to have solved the problem of blowing “audiophile” fuses on start-up.

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The only audiophile grade fuse I’ve blown was in a P10, due to an internal fault inside its gizzards. Once you blow a fuse, never replace it with another audiophile grade fuse initially. In order to test that the fault which caused the fuse to blow has been rectified. Once you’re sure the fault has been fixed, then swap out the $2 stock fuse for the $50 after-market fuse.


Waymanchen11, I feel your pain. My tube amp blew a fuse, twice. I decided to go back to stock, but before long I was ordering more HiFi. Seems you just can’t go back.

@Paul, what do you think? Would I be OK with a 2A HiFi Tuning fuse? Or is it not recommended?

Most excellent of advice!

I have heard that recommendation from someone in PS Audio customer support. They too felt a 2 Amp fuse would be fine.

It seems that way. 400mA is not much. It’s just a disc spinner after all. It doesn’t quaff suds.