Qobuz in the USA


I have experienced the same from time to time. I listen via the desktop app. I noticed that there is a progress meter for the track that is playing. It appears that there is a light blue progress meter which shows how much of the current track is downloaded and a dark blue progress meter that shows at what point in the track it is currently playing. Sometimes the track does not fully download and the track will stop playing. If I click the options for the track (denoted by three dots to the right of the track title) there is an option to delete that track from the cache. After I delete the cache I can then rewind to the previous track and then forward to the desired track that stopped playing. This gives the app the opportunity to attempt to download the track again and play through in its entirety. Not the way it should work but I guess there is a reason it is Beta. Hope I made sense.


I had this happen to me as well if I did not choose either ASIO or WASAPI (exclusive)



I have one of the (apparently) ubiquitous Beta accounts. I received this message today from Qobuz:

We are very excited to inform you that you may now sign up for a Qobuz US account!

Please click the following link to sign up for your free 1-month trial. Be sure to use your email address [ADDRESS REMOVED] to sign up, as it has been pre-approved for an account.


Once you’ve created your account, you will choose a streaming plan. If you are a Hi-Res music user, make sure you select the Studio plan to access unlimited 24-bit streaming.

One important note is the music catalog is not 100% complete yet, but it will be fully populated soon. Therefore, it is not necessary to bring missing albums to our attention.

Some features, such as SONOS, Yamaha MusicCast, CarPlay, Android Auto, Google Home, and Amazon Alexa should be available for the US in the near future. Many of our customers have also requested a Family Plan subscription - we are aware of this suggestion and hope to develop one soon. At this stage, you don’t need to focus on these features when using our service.

We are so happy to have you on board!

The Qobuz US Team




If you are only getting 30 seconds worth, you have likely Signed up, but not Subscribed to, and Paid For, a particular Level. I had three accounts in three different countries, and had the same experience.


No, I haven’t paid for anything as it’s supposed to be a 1 month free trial.

I can tell you right now, if all they are going to give me for this “free trial” is the standard 44.1kbps and random bits and pieces of tracks, or just full out stopping the stream, then they’re certainly not going to get any money out of me.

I’ll just stick with Tidal if that’s the case.


Let us know if it gets fixed. I’m watching this thread (probably others are too) before deciding whether to jump in or not. . . Hard to justify paying for both services, at least for me.


Subscribe for what you want/expect. Believe me. Sounds like you have not Subscribed. Which is not the same as signed up.


Just signed up, got the Qobuz mainstream email. Only have 2 hrs listening. Not impressed so far; however, there is a whole month to compare the differences.



Qobuz is no different than any other “30 day free trial offer” in that before you proceed you have to put in a CC number and pick a subscription plan. To get full Hi Res streams pick Studio. If on the 29th day you don’t want to continue with the subscription then just cancel. Tidal worked the same way and still does.


Yes, for my 30 day free trial (today) I had to load in the CC. $24.99/month subscription. I used my paypal account. In 29 days I will either cancel or just let it ride.


Sell all of your ethernet and whatever add-on boxes and so on, and buy a Current fully sorted Box.


You understand bikes.


So a couple of weeks ago Qobuz integrates with Roon, so I get a Roon trial and love it, order a Roon server (Innuos Zen Mk3) which left Portugal today and will be here Thursday, meanwhile today Devialet release a Roon Ready / RAAT operating system upgrade. Meanwhile, I find some speaker cables (Isolda EDCT) that have unparalleled clarity.
The stars are aligning.


One thing I’ve noticed with Qobuz (I have the beta trial: 16/44) is occasionally I’ll come across tracks that are “grayed out.” They will show, for instance, a 4:31 duration but only play for 30 seconds.

Example: on the album "Music Inspired by the film ‘Roma’ " - track 4.

I dunno.


I believe you are running into files/placeholders for content that has not been fully migrated to the Qobuz database. That’s my theory, anyway.


Qobuz is here in the U.S. as of 02/14/2019!

Currently subscribe to Tidal, but have the same issues as others (pushes pop/rap, and limited classical/jazz selections). Am still shopping for a music server to expand my storage past my lap bound general purpose MacBook Air (256 GB).


Are there any signs that Tidal will respond to Qobuz in terms of expanding library, formats, services?


I think you will be hard pressed to find any music service that specialize in classical/jazz. People just don’t listen to that genre much anymore, especially via streaming. But things could change, heck my 20 year old daughter got me back into Vinyl so who knows.


I figured that’s what it was. Just responding to the OP’s post about 30 second tracks.


I’ve said before and I’ll say again, Qobuz are not going head-to-head with Tidal or anyone else to grab the largest market share, they are about providing a quality service to enough subscribers to make their business profitable and who are willing to pay for a much better quality service than anyone else provides, and many of that sort of subscriber does listen to classical and jazz. Tidal’s main selling point was exclusive content and I suspect that they trade subscribers more with Spotify, although hopefully quite a few title subscribers will move to Qobuz.