Qobuz is useless

Hope you liked my my teasing headline.

Nonetheless, it’s indeed useless for me. I can get into the Qobuz site, but can’t from within Roon. It always sez my password is no good. Immediately. I.E. Roon accepts it, but then won’t operate it. All the records are still there until I click on one. Then its been deleted.

Anybody else? Qobuz has been less then helpful.

Hey buddy! How goes the Battle? Sounds like possibly one of those settings things. Try (in Roon) Settings/Audio and make sure your device is Enabled. Seems like sometimes I’ve had changes or updates happen before that Disabled what was previously Enabled. There may be other things to check, but off the top of my head, check that.

Also seems like I read of issues if you upgraded to the new ARC version (I haven’t so far, as I’m not currently in need of that capability). If that was causing it, that might involve reverting to an earlier version. Spitballing here.

Restart all devices and try again.

Make sure you used your registered email address and not just your username settings>services>qobuz

Sounds like a Roon problem rather than a Qobuz problem.

Yes I think so.
Restart Roon server.

Everything has been restarted many times since this problem began about 10 months ago.

Did you also reinstall Roon server?
Or clean cache.
Long time ago after an update I had the same issue.
But I don’t exactly remember what i did to solve this issue.

Que? Reinstall what?

The Roon application.

Did you also read;

That didn’t work. Now I’ve got a whole other problem back. Roon can’t find my core, though it’s right there.

Can you “ping” the device were Roon Core is running?

Sure, if you tell me how.

The ongoing problem went away after me perservering and doing the exact same thing after 3 hours. Now we’re back where we were before I asked any questions.

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Dontcha just hate that?

Have you completely deleted your Roon remote app from your iPad (or whatever mobile device you are using?) and reinstalled it? Ran into a similar problem recently…

Also are you sure your Roon core is getting a constant Ethernet signal? Qobuz can ‘disconnect’ from Roon if there is not a constant strong Ethernet signal.

No, I’m not sure and I don’t know how to figure out whether I am. My Roon is connected via ethernet to my DAC and then to the router. The only wireless part is my laptop.


Maybe swap out the Ethernet cable and see if that solves your issue. Are you having network issues anywhere else in the house? Fwiw it seems like Qobuz is more unforgiving with weak or lost internet while using Roon, not sure why, but I’ve noticed that what plays fine on tidal can have issues on Qobuz due to a weak single.

As far as your remote having issue locating you core I would preform a back up your Roon (if you can) uninstall the Roon remote app from your laptop and reinstall it.

What are you running as your core? Are you on the latest versions?


RE: the cable. NO. It’s the longest cable in the house.

I’m running a NUC. Have no idea if it’s the latest.