Qobuz Issues

Has anybody been having issues with Qobuz?
I can Tidal via mControl but qobuz is playing up. Any body else ?

Server crashed but David said it was fixed.

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Definitely not fixed

Yes- Qobuz was flaky earlier today.

I too was having issues with Qobuz via Roon earlier (“Too many failures”, “track not available”). Tidal was fine.
But seems to have cleared up - now streaming again, so far no dire messages…

sorry i just couldnt help but take a swipe - is it welcoming amazon music :joy:

THIS thread offers useful info

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So I am having issues with Quobuz as well. I run Volumino music management software and evidently they did an “update to freshen the look of the UI”. In any event it wasn’t a choice to update, it did it automatically. Quobuz showed as an option, but nothing will load or operate. I signed in/out of both Volumino and Quobuz so passwords are not a problem. Then I signed out of Quobuz on the Volumino app, and it will not allow me to sign back into the Quobuz service via Volumino; it won’t accept my (verified correct) username and password. Quboz can be accessed fine on my phone, so I know the problem is with the Volumino update. Anyone have ideas? Volumino support is about non existent, and there is nothing on their forum boards yet, so I want to hear from the PS Audio hive mind lol.