Roon dropping Qobuz, not anymore, it works

Can’t log back in. Anyone else having the same problem?

This happens every now and then with Tidal as well as Qobuz. Have to reopen application directly sometimes renter passwords into Roon. About a quarterly annoyance. More often with weather disturbances to ISP.

oh man i thought you meant they were dropping them as a partner


I had problems while using the app in combination with google pay as payment method. Google did not forward the money to qobuz.
I changed the method using the Webbrowser and everything was perfect.
P.S. did i mention that google charged 17.99$ instead of 12.99$

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Similar price difference via apple - when i spotted it flip back to direct …

I had @1cdfoley reboot his Roon server. All better.

Both Roon and Qobuz are working for me. Sorry for any misunderstandings.

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