Question about DL III Digital Link DAC

Hi friends from PS Audio,

I own this amazing DAC from PS Audio and I have some questions about it.

From the manual, I see it’s capable of upsampling the signal to 96khz or 192khz.

The first question I have is: Will the upscaled signal be 16 or 24 bits? I didn’t find any reference to it.

The second question is: what if my input signal is already 24/192khz? Will there be any change in the signal? If the DAC is set to 96khz, will the signal be downsampled or the input signal will remain the same?

I’m not sure íf the DAC option is only valid when the signal is lower than the selected upsample rate. Or if high res could be downsampled.


Maybe this helps?

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The infos I’m looking for are not documented in the Manual.

No mentions to 16 or 24bit.
No mentions about what happens to a input signal of 192khz when the DAC is selected to 96khz. Will the signal be downsampled?

Hi BigFreaky

It’s been a while since I’ve owned one of these. The Upsampling works for either 16 bit or 24 bit PCM.

I don’t recall changing the sample rate from a 192k native file to 96k. The manual uses the word upsample, so that might not be possible. Give it a try and find out. Best to follow the manual and select the sampling rate that sounds best in your system.

“Select the sample rate you wish. There are two choices available on the front panel: 96kHz and 192kHz. What comes out of your transport or CD player is 44.1kHz. The DLIII will upsample this to a higher, and better sounding sample rate. Choose which sample rate you wish by simply listening and deciding which sounds best on your system.”