Question about Paul's "Are bridged amps true monoblocks?" video

Paul, I looked at your video with the title “Are bridged amps true monoblocks?” on YT that made me a bit “scared”, scared of the low impedance you told me about.

I posted this question on YT also but don’t know if you answer questions there so I post the question here also so there’ll bee a bigger chance I get an answer on my question.

I have two Class D Primare A34.2 power amps that I’ve bridged to my Elac FS 507, that goes down to 3.5 ohm as lowest with 95 Hz, and as we all know Class D is lousy for low impedance and according to you I’ll get all the way down to 1.75 Ohm with my bridged Class D power amps and no Class D power amp is happy to drive that low of a impedance so would you rather suggest that I use one Primare A34.2 power amp for the treble to both speakers and one to the bass instead of bridging them where one take left speaker and one take the right speaker?

Are you happy with the sound as is?

Nope but that has to do with that I’ve not found the right place for my speakers yet and that I don’t have put my furnitures in the right place to get as good acoustic as possible.

Why and how are you bridging those amps?

You could consider a single amp, bi amping or active setup as alternatives. I like those ELAC 507’s.

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I’m bridging my A34.2’s because I already had one A34.2 and then I could buy another A34.2 for almost only half the price so I bought it thinking of Primare’s advertisement about bridging the A34.2 to get it to be “Fully balanced”, just like their bigger A60 power-amp.

How = With a button on the backside of my A34.2’s


I didn’t mean to scare people but it’s information worth noting. Class D can certainly handle low impedances (depending on the design) so if it isn’t cutting out from its protection circuit then you’re probably alright.

The take away most people don’t know about is the cutting in half of impedance when we bridge an amp. If the designer knows that’s going to happen they can plan ahead in their designs. Perhaps the designers of the Primmer did just that.

All that said, you might be better off with beaming as you suggest instead of bridging. Give it a try and let us know.


Beaming = bi-amping (predictive text I reckon)?

I biamp here (actively, with DCX but that’s by the by in this case) - might be better to bi-amp “vertically”?
That way each woofer gets its own power supply (treble signal generally using a lot less power than bass), assuming the amps aren’t built as “dual mono” with 2 separate power supplies in each box.


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Think Paul is right, it shouldn’t be too much of a problem especially not with a brand like Primare. Those amps are designed for bridging, even have a switch that seems to do something appropriately for bridges mode, versus just the cable bridge.

I’d really like to hear that set up. I am sure it looks fantastic. Do you also utilize the Primare Pre amp?

Yepp, my system has a Primare SP33 pre-amp.
It also have one Primare A30.7 and two Primare A34.2’s

My three front-speakers are two Elac FS507 and the center is a Elac CC501
My 2 side speakers are Elac BS 403 and my two back speakers are KEF XQ40
The sub I use is a KEF XQ60b driven by/through a DSPeaker Anti-Mode 8033C and that little box is marvelous for a sub.

I can post a picture of it if you want.

Yes that would be great, also have the BD32 MK? One of the best Oppo derived players out there.

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I had a BD32 but I sold it and got the Oppo UDP-205 instead.
A picture of my stereo comes in a while. I must do something first.

I’ve now tried to use one Primare A34.2 to the bass on my 507’s and my second 34.2 to the treble/midrange and I can’t (truthfully & with certainty) say that I heard any difference when I have as I have now or earlier when I used one power-amp to it’s own speaker.
I do get less watt in 8 ohm though, 150 watt now compared to 550 watt when I had them bridged, but that’s nothing I can hear anyway since it’s just a difference of less than 6 db if/when I have the volume on max and that’s nothing I’m gonna try anyway.

Here comes a picture of my “Entertainment-System” also but you can’t see all the speakers.
4 of them playing hide and seek.