Class a electronics and p10s?

i have a line on a pair of accuphase a200s used, which are 100 w (into 8 ohms) mono blocks. I have 4 ohm speakers so the load will be significantly heavier. I also have a pair of P10s and just wanted to get folks’ thoughts on how the P 10s would handle the class a electronics. My previous amps were 300 w mono blocks in class a/b and the p10s handled them no problem ( once I bought the second p10).

Thanks in advance.

Zero issue.

Actually, it has had an impact. One of the p10s runs at 46% and the other runs at 55%. Since it’s class a, I can’t really detect those percentages varying depending on volume, etc.

my my prior amps with the same other components ran in the low to mid 30s on a percentage basis.

i’ve seen several comments suggesting that the p10s shouldn’t have more than 50% load on a normal basis. Anything to worry about, short, intermediate or long term? I don’t want to burn these things up in a couple of years, but as I have two, there’s not much I can do to increase capacity.

Of course it had an impact.

But the P10s are fine; zero issue.

If you are concerned, you could add a P5 with which to power the components other than the amp which are plugged into the P10 running at 55%.

Thanks. If those percentages are fine, then I’m good. Would like to avoid another component and the audio piggy bank is running low after the a200s, which are fantastic and worth every penny.

Thanks for your help.

Fully understandable.

I bet the amps are an absolute delight.

absolute delight. Unbelievably delightful. Just a big huge grin when I sit down in front of the system . . .