Question about speaker connection on sprout 100?

Just got my sprout 100 and had a quick question? Do the speaker connections work with all Banana type plugs or just the style that came in the box? I was looking at getting either Nordost or Audioquest speaker cables and did not want to order them with the wrong type of connection

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I have a Sprout in one my systems and all banana plugs I have tried have worked just fine. It’s a bit tight space-wise, but they work great.

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They are industry standard sizes so I am pretty sure they will work.

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So the 500/1000 series banana plugs on the higher end Audioquest speaker cable work ok on the sprout? Not all that knowledgeable on connections. Just looking at the pictures I don’t understand how these connections would grip onto the sprout as they look more like a pin.

Never used them so can’t say for sure. However I would imagine they are built to spec, so should work. Reviews are very positive, no one mentions there were any size issues.

I have used the SPROUT AudioQuest Q2 Speaker Cable with banana connectors with zero problems. Good luck!