Sprout100 speaker wire

i am looking for advice on speaker wire with correct size banana plugs attached for my new sprout100
i only have the use of one hand and have noone who can attach the banana plugs that came with it to my speaker wire, just want to make sure i get the correct size.


What banana plugs came with your Sprout? As far as I know banana plugs are a standard size. Their construction typically includes flexible spring features that will compress to the diameter of the holes in the rear of the Sprout and speakers. You may just need to push them in.

They may feel a bit tight but should push them in without too much effort. They typically can be inserted and removed with one hand but you will need to brace the Sprout against your body or otherwise hold it to prevent it from moving.

There are WBT locking banana plugs available that are easy to insert and can be operated/locked with one hand but are relatively expensive (approx $100 per cable). There are other similar plugs but I’m not aware which cable suppliers install them.

I hope you enjoy your Sprout. I have one and really like it. I use Blue Jeans Cable speaker cable with their locking banana plugs. I found they can be operated with one hand and get a fairly tight fit, but think a standard spring banana would be easier to install.

Good luck! Hopefully others are aware of better and less expensive options.

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I am under the impression the sprout came with a smaller barrel plug as apposed to standard sizes, the look small to me as as well

Welcome to the forums @bswalk63! I use a sprout in my home-office setup which means I can’t quite remember what brand of cables I hooked up to it as they are quite old. However, I’m sure they are standard-sized banana plugs - the very same size as the Cardas ones I use on my main system. As to one-handed use - I do remember plugging them in while one arm was in a sling a few years ago. Though I bet that I used the slinged arm to steady it a bit since I was not using my dominant hand.

Do you have a budget in mind for your cables?


Thanks for responding it’s not that I can’t plug them in it’s that I can’t put banana plugs on speaker wire but I will figure something out. Thanks

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oh right - yes, that makes sense. Sorry for the misunderstaning. Of course most manufacturers sell them already terminated but also a good local hifi shop will terminate them for you as well. Then of course there are plenty of folks who do it themselves - many on the forums here. Wouldn’t hurt to ask around and see if someone has some mad soldering skills and the time. You might even find someone local to you - maybe?

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Welcome, Brian!

I’m sorry for misleading the conversation. I misunderstood what you were asking, which is pretty clear now that I reread your post.

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I second the vote for Blue Jeans speaker cables. Quite affordable and the locking banana plugs make for an easy connection.

right from paul, standard 4mm bananas are too big,Standard banana with a smaller barre

I’m not sure what Paul is referring to or what to think then. I don’t have a ton of experience but have only come across the one size. Internet wisdom suggests a 2mm version but that’s not what we’re talking about here.
All I can say for sure is I have some inexpensive Mediabridge cables on my main system right now whose bananas measure 4mm at their widest. They fit the Sprout just like they do the speakers and amp on the other system.

Thank you I stand corrected the standard size works just fine, sorry for even posting this.