Sprout100 accessories

Recently received a Sprout100. It had some speaker wire barrel connectors, and a few stickers, the power cable, and that was it. It would have been great if you could have included a USB A > USB B. Like a $1.33 3ft cable from monoprice or something. Those cables are kinda ancient, and getting harder and harder to find. Had to rob an old printer to get this one.

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Yet AudioQuest will sell you a Forest for $60 :joy:.

Another tough one is Mini USB to USB B

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Actually Amazon has a ton of those USB cables at various prices. To get to your inquiry though…the question could be where does it stop? Should PSA also include speaker cables? RCA cables? An optic cable? Subwoofer cable? The Sprout is a pretty decent deal (and a killer int amp). But yeah, you have to provide your own cables.

USB A to USB B is uncommon enough it would be nice for a basic cheap one to be included so the eager buyer can instantly play with his new toy.

What is the reason for the square USB connection in any event? Why is this cable common for printers? Is there a directionality involved of which I am unaware?

Master side and client side. To avoid confusion, mostly.

Yeah, I can see the slippery slope there @stonefree1911. But I’d still contest that that one darn cable should be included. Or, perhaps a “what’s in the box” sort of follow up on an order. If you ordered a Sprout, do you have a: USB cable (Type A to Type B), and speaker cables?
My brother recently got the Sprout Elac combo, and they included everything needed in there. Slightly unrelated, but it’s in the ballpark of what to include discussion :wink:
Both he and I are SUPER happy with these little guys! They punch WAY above their weight-class.

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i think the charm of the sprout is that, with bluetooth, if you have a smartphone, it’s plug and play. I think they include the banana plugs because there’s an assumption you’re coming from a basic stereo with speakers, but might have only used bare wires and spring terminals.

Yes! You order the bundle, and they send you everything for plug and play!

Buy the Schiit PYST cable for $20

It’s a Straight Wire 1M USB-Link cable. Schiit doesn’t even rebrand them.

The A / B square plug is the original USB connector. Just call it “vintage”. Audioquest makes a bunch of “audiophile grade” adapters if you want to use a different cable. Although, some of those adapters are more expensive than just buying one of their cables. Good luck.