Quintet - Connected Equipment Turns Off and On?


Any thoughts on this scenario would be most helpful in my root cause analysis. Net net, I have a bunch of equipment connected to a Quintet, including a Pioneer Elite VSX-31 A/V Receiver and a Samsung LCD display. Randomly, each of these two pieces of equipment will shut down and then re-power up. I’m trying to figure out if somehow the Quintet is shutting these down and then restarting. I also have a TiVO connected but it doesn’t shut down.

Thoughts are most appreciated.


I am having a similar Quintet problem: Erratic and frequent shut-down and restarts of all items plugged into Quintet. Quintet is plugged into my P12 regenerator. I wonder if cause is the stiffness of the standard AC power cord that may loosen at IEC Quintet end when I try to neatly stuff it into a wall niche next to my equipment rack, and then push the P12 into place?

I have never had a problem with it, or any other PS product, before repurposing it as an “outlet extension” to my P12.

  • Jeffrey in Philadelphia