PWT randomly restarts

Hi Guys,

My PWT randomly restarts - it doesn’t matter if it is idle, playing or even in standby - it restarts every hour or so.

Even in standby, I will walk past it an hour or so after putting it in standby and it has restarted and has the screen on, ready to go.

Otherwise, works perfectly.

Does anyone have any ideas?



Maybe the firmware? Try reinstalling the firmware.

Put a blob of blutack or black tape on the IR receiver window, maybe it’s seeing an IR code from something and then waking itself up.

Thanks Brodric,

It restarts even whilst playing a CD, so I think random IR is unlikely?



It’s still worth a try. If it’s receiving an IR command to do something it might still do it whether the PWT is playing, idle, or whatever. There are other reports of PS Audio gear responding to stray IR commands from other things.


I’ll give it a try - I’m stumped.



You might try opening up the unit and examining the big blue standby switch. Perhaps it has a bit of debris or a bad connection that is causing an intermittent interruption in power. The switch is easily replaceable if you can’t clean it or repair it.
Also try wiggling the power cord - perhaps something in the receptacle or even the cord is amiss. Good luck.

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Hi Guys,

I’ve updated the firmware, tried the blutack, wiggled the power cord - no luck.

I’m reluctant to open the unit, as it is still under warranty and I assume that this would void the warranty?

It looks like a trip back to the dealer.

Thanks for your help.


Taking the cover off will not void the warranty.

Correct. We only void the warranty under the rarest of circumstances. Basically when someone does some irreversible damage to the insides like removing a board and replacing it with another or gooping up the insides with audiophile magic dust, etc. I would remove the top cover which can take a bit of explanation.

Watch the first part of this video for instructions on removing the top cover. Let us know.

Thanks Guys,

I took the cover off, blew some compressed air into the switch and restarted - same problem.

I then thought that it may have been the power cord, so I changed that - same problem.

I then plugged into another electrical outlet (not via the P10) - problem solved.

I then tried another socket on the P10 - problem solved.

Not sure if it was the setup of the P10, but I have made sure all outlets are set to “switched” - wondering if it may be a dodgy outlet or I may have had that outlet set to something other than switched and when the PWT connected to the internet, it caused a restart?

I haven’t plugged anything into the suspect outlet to test it, I’m just happy it’s not restarting.