Power director 4.7

Hi all,
May I ask if anyone can help. My power director appears to have a problem. I had a brief power outage at the house while my system was on. Unfortunately it could not be restarted after the power came back. The PD4.7 no longer supplies power to the rear outlet but the front port appears to be working. Can anyway shed light on what could be the cause of this?
I don’t think there was a massive surge or anything like that. In fact, I have another power conditioner plugged into another system and that survived unscathed.
Thanks in advance…

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ANYONE?? :sweat_smile:

I’d suggest you contact PS Audio Technical support via email or phone.

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Sorry to hear about that Power Director! It sounds like that guy may need some repair - we are no longer able to service those units directly, but if you could reach out to service@psaudio.com, I’d be happy to get you over some schematics for some local repair.

Thanks and best wishes!

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Thank you , email sent ! :pray:

I have contacted you via email on 27th of May but have yet to receive any reply. Are you able to assist?
Sorry to be a pain but this is really frustrating!!

Well, thanks for nothing PS Audio. I don’t know how many times a customer needs to beg for some assistance on your product. I have sent emails, sent in online form, ask in forum community for a little assistance with your PD4.7. I understand that you may not be manufacturing this anymore but is it too difficult to give your customer a little guidance?
“Send email to support and we will help you” Yeah, thanks for not bothering to respond. Well, so much for all your friendly, customer-oriented image- now I have seen the real PS Audio.
Goodbye, and thanks for absolutely nothing!! I’ll make sure I pass the word on to the audio lovers that I know about this fantastic customer service.

This product was made 20 years ago and probably hasn’t been made for 15. You posted elsewhere, they offered a schematic, I’m not surprised if they couldn’t find one.

When did you buy this from PS Audio, or an authorised dealer?

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I think neither how old the product is, nor where he bought it, plays a role for his matter. No reaction (except from a few forum members who suggested to contact PSA support) stays no reaction (so far, since mid of may as I saw).

As Paul had to appologize at a few similar occasions in the past, everything except a phone call seems very dependent on work load or staff availability there.

I think the original poster has a slight point in terms of a high expectation based on the written focus on customer support, which can be relative, depending on the current situation at PSA. As the will of PSA is there, I guess it’s a matter of reliable processes in place or not. A focus on customer support needs reliable processes, independent of the topic of the support inquiry.


Agreed. First contact response is key. Hopefully it includes first call resolution.

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Thank you for understanding. I understand that it’s an older product, not quite as old as my McIntosh 2500 though an on par with some Electrocompaniet and Bryston stuff I also have the pleasure of owning. I’m not expecting miracles or free service but just common guidelines as to what may be causing the problem I experienced. Unanswered emails, web enquiry etc. just reflect poorly on a company no matter their success.

There are many companies that stand by their products regardless of age. I have had amazing experience from others where the CEO actually reads customers enquiry, now that’s commendable.

I love audio equipment and sometimes I find it hard to part with them despite their age. And with massive increase in waste worldwide, keeping, exchanging and reusing audio products may be appropriate.

Sorry if I have offended anyone, I have always thought differently about PS Audio but sadly now I know.


I’m sure you will finally get your support here.

As I pointed out, such cases here imo are usually a matter of missing reliable processes, people on holiday or reaction time, not missing customer focus in terms of intent and philosophy. Mostly Paul himself answers very shortly, but no wonder the CEO has other tasks, too :wink: and shouldn’t be the main support function here.

For sure it needs such topics strongly optimized, in order to realize the customer focus philosophy in practice.

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Very odd. I personally experienced a prompt reply from PS Audio guys and lots of members on this forum too. Product model or age a part.
Not to justify what happened, just to give you FWIW an independent thought.

Especially @jamesh always gave me answers by email or posts within a day.

Maybe others in your situation might arrive at the same conclusion, I understand.

If that helps I add this post to give your expectations a chance to solve the problem and let PS Audio team see one more time what probably they missed since today.

Good luck.

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Same here. I bought used and they still took my call, no need to leave message. The person was very helpful. Did the OP call? Or just fire and forget an email?


I also bought used PS Audio gear. A 7 year old DS Dac, running latest software, that had an issue. Called support and had a solution same day I called. Sorry you have had this experience.

For what its worth, I work in IT support, and many times those emails end up in giant bit buckets in the sky. People who have been monitoring change jobs and dont hand over etc… Many reasons why it could have missed. someone reads it, and others think its been taken care of. Unless you have ticket numbers it can be lost easily. If a company answers the phone, that is the best method. PS Audio answers the phone and is very helpful. Give it a try


I also bought a used BHK Pre that was dead on arrival. PS audio had a return authorization slip emailed to me in just over 24 hrs. They even fixed non warranty issue under warranty…just over one week it was back in perfect condition!


Ugh, your experience so far is just unacceptable.
I would also recommend that you call them. I have had some issues in the distant past and I found them to be satisfyingly responsive.
Keep us posted if you wish.

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I understand your frustration, but my view is a threat to trash PS Audio’s reputation on other forums (is that what the threat is?) crosses the line. Your less than great experience, while I sympathize, does not necessarily match that of thousands of satisfied PS Audio owners around the world (including mine). There is a well-known bias in customer feedback across all product types and industries toward lashing out when customer support is less than great, when many, many other customers are quietly satisfied with their product. Keep working with PSA to make this right. They will.


If you want to reach out to me personally paul@psaudio.com I’ll do what I can to help.