Random Amp musings

Didn’t you once remark an Accuphase integrated is in your future?

Or something similar. I have another year or so before I make that change. Right now the VTL Pre, Jeff Rowland amp, and dCS DAC and Master Clock are sounding very good.

Whatever I get it’s going to be a long term purchase, so I am going to be very picky. Maybe something like the Soulution Audio 530, CH Precision I1, darTZeel CTH-8550 MKII, Absolare Integrated Signature, or a Audionet Humbolt.

I’ve been keeping a list :wink:.


And checking it twice

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I think Vince has it taped to his bedroom ceiling and stares at it at nights. And I bet its on Silver paper!


Black paper, glow in the dark ink.


Not sure if this belongs on your list but it’s certainly on mine…


Great amp - lucky to have had one for almost 3 years …

There will be a few of these hitting the second hand market shortly as the 333 is a few weeks away from shipping - love the 300 So much I just put the order in unheard …

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I really enjoy having more than one amp. Each one that I’ve selected has a distinct personality.
Lately I switch, sometimes a week at a time or a month. Each one has something of their own to say.
With a standardized front end, the amp’s character comes thru. it’s fun.


We’re getting closer.


“Debut today, Thursday, 16 November”

I am just recovering from +12.5 hours of jet lag. I don’t think I can handle this much.

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Well, that notice was from TAS after all.

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New shelf for the Solid Tech ROS arrived this week - felt the rack needed some additional help given increased weight to 112lbs


The glow of massive 2.3 watts producing glorious low 70 dB sound.