Random Happy Horseshit


Warning here comes a change in direction.

I have been watching South Park while listening to George Winston’s December, oh no. Eric Cartman has formed a band called MOOP. How long will we have to wait for their first release. And will George Winston come take his CD from me?


No worries about changing direction. I found it pretty amusing that so far the focus has been almost solely on the “-shit” portion of the Title. I guess I originally conceived it in a moment of frustration as a place to go when the H.H. In other forums starts to get on your nerves, and you want to go talk about something else. Anything else. Other than the typically discouraged topics, or the terminally overdone topics. Random stuff that makes us happy : )

Happy Holiday, all! (at least in the U.S.). And wherever you are, it’s good to remember what you’re thankful for.


And a hearty “Howdy Ho,” as well (speaking of South Park)



…more characters needed to allow reply…


Please refer the the thread title… ; )


Happy holidaze! Never too early:


Thanks for that. I’m still giggling.


Are these available on Amazon?!


I’m still trying to imagine the effect of 100 lights “Fuckering” simultaneously. Could be great, could cause issues at parties : )


Is “Happy Horseshit” going to be the name of the next firmware upgrade?


Excellent lights; they should make me Happy----.


Working on the prerelease notes now:

“This release will be even more Natural, Grass-Fed and Organic-Sounding than prior peaks. Our first release in Smell-Surround, you will be able to detect immersive details such as the band sweating, and the scent of Patchouli and Herbs - particularly on your Dead and Reggae records. It is a Warm, Steaming Mountain of pure sonic goodness - a Churnin’ Urn of Burnin’ Funk!” : )


This might have been posted here before but does fit the theme.


Wow - didn’t envision the breadth and depth of market for this thread - or at least one aspect of it ; )

That is far and away the most elaborate poop joke I’ve ever seen (N.B. - or is it N. BM? - All: No need to try and top it, thanks, or we’ll have to start another thread). Pretty appropriate for this day (in the U.S.) of eating lots of things you shouldn’t or wouldn’t ordinarily with people you don’t often eat with.

Funny how for some it is utterly tasteless (uh…so to speak) but for example I have an 80-something female relative I’m going to send it to who will laugh until she cries : )


Making a list—checking it again, for who I’ll send this to


Will the Atlanta Falcons beat the New Orleans Saints?


Oooh - that post was a Party Pooper.


Favorite TDay commercial so far (kinda like the Super Bowl with regard to commercials, and I have a professional interest in the medium) is the Geico “Grandpa’s nose is playing, “Flight of the Bumblebee””)


Is that anything like sheep-dip? Another of our own special greetings @ werk Up yours and have a nice day always gave me a lift on the receiving end.


“Up Yours and have a nice day!” Is a single greeting?