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A critical part of my listening experience. A Lelit Bianca twin boiler and Eureka Mignon Oro single dose grinder.

No one makes hifi that looks - or tastes - this good.


I waited for this…think we need a coffee thread. I’m quite new in that business but I am :wink:

That is Legit

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Coffee-philes put audio-philes to shame. I bought my first coffee machine in 2004 because I was fed up with the cost and waste of take-aways going into the office. After a couple of plastic things, got a Rancilio Silvia, perhaps the best selling machine ever, then a Lelit Mara around 2016, which is a heat exchanger, and now this twin boiler. It is feature-rich with a flow control system I’ll have to experiment with, and very pretty. The alternatives are the ECM Syncronika and the Profitec 700, both dual boilers, marginally better made and with more brand value and a slightly higher price tag.

The Oro grinder replaces a standard Mignon that makes a terrible mess, requires you to fill a 250g hopper and leaves stale coffee in the machine for the next grind. This has bellows so you measure our your coffee and every last flake the grind ends up in the pot, that then fits into the filter holder - turn upside down and all the coffee is transferred without any spillage.

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I am a regional maintenance director for a large retail group and am fortunate to have a shop space available to me to build audio racks, bars, etc.

I put a nice little shop stereo in a while back and the guys were like “yeah that’s nice and all but we need a coffee upgrade”

So, one of the techs got a hold of a single head unit that wasn’t being used and set it up in their shop. It pulls a ridiculously good espresso. I have on occasion left my office and drove to the shop (20 min ride) to partake in this liquid gold…and to tweak and clean the stereo


Just ordered a new grinder this morning! Niche from the UK. I needed a single doser that was small enough for my space. I use a rocket machine for the goods. Cheers!

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That’s a sexy little thing. Nice big grind dial. Escaped my attention!

Boy, could we run with this! I haven’t bought roasted coffee in years. I buy green beans, roast them a couple times a week, in small batches. My roaster is a FreshRoast SR500. I have a Bonavita coffee maker. It is coffee heaven! I can’t drink coffee much past noon if I’m to sleep well so it’s the rare Saturday or Sunday morning when I have coffee while listening to music. Still, life’s simple pleasures are the best.

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I hope @JeffofArabica sees this thread and posts. He is wonderfully knowledgeable.

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For sure! I like that it uses the mazzer conical burrs - it will surely be an improvement over my baratza vario, with whom I have a very tense relationship with.

The Mignon Oro was only released a few weeks ago. Priced the same as the niche and seems to be a close copy. Small dial but very accurate. You manually release the beans after starting the grinder. It’s a solid lump of metal. Not as pretty as the Niche.

I drank coffee once, and drove from Fort Lauderdale to Denver, only stopping for gas.

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I like McDonald’s coffee!

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A great, i.e., esoteric and expensive coffee maker makes great coffee, regardless of the beans. Heck, I’m sure it can make coffee out of just water!

Someone has to!

I read the second largest seller of coffee in the USA was Dunkin Donuts.

Weekend home brew gets a bit more attention but for the daily grind :rofl: work machine… I gotta go with Tim Horton’s :canada: :+1:

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The more bad coffee that gets consumed the better it is for us who do appreciate the good stuff :slight_smile:

However I am now, for the first time ever, embarrassed to be a Canadian…

(For those who don’t know, those doughnut holes USED to be called Tim Horton’s Tim-Bits.)
What’s next - NickelbackCrackers?? :roll_eyes: :unamused: :disappointed:

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