Random Happy Horseshit


In reference to the super model, are you the next guy?


If I may, I would like to take a moment to focus on the “Happy” end of the Thread title rather than the alimentary end…

I am very thankful for this Community. For all of you; for steady-at-the-helm Elk; for Paul, Ted, Darren, and all the others at PS who bust their butts (there I go again…) to produce some of the best audio gear around, enriching and improving the very air we breathe, the Food for our Souls - MUSIC.

It has helped me through a difficult time in my life to get up every morning and communicate with a Global community of people with a shared passion for something that doesn’t (usually) lead to fisticuffs ; )

There are so many interesting, experienced (in many areas - not just audio) and helpful folks here, with a minimum of friction compared with most sites. It would be good for our survival as a species if we could figure out how to make this work…as a species. The impulse to go all Caveman on one another is seemingly still so strong amongst Humans, it boggles the mind.

Sermon over - you may resume the poop jokes (or…not). But…THANKS, y’all! : )


Did I detect a whiff of Boulder in that? :sunglasses:


Dawn, Thanksgiving Day, looking East and West. The air from the mountains, filtered through the pines is a tad fresher than in the Chicago area…otherwise, not sure what you mean… ; )


“Alimentary” Great word.

Happy Black Friday to you and yours.


Innit? I think the first place I heard it was on a Firesign Theater album in college, in the Sherlock Holmes parody, “The Giant Rat of Sumatra”. “Alimentary, my dear Watson…”. Or he may have called him “Flotsam” or one of the other manglings Hemlock Stones employed when referring to his partner. I have always loved the written word, but would likely trace my love of Playing with words back to that period.




Yup. Over 60 years in the Flatlands of MI and IL…this is a Breath of Fresh Air in every sense of the word.


Beautiful Colorado pictures, 6-7" of snow on ground here in the Concord NH area. The Swimming season is over; but we are still happy.


Just a quick iPad shot from the window behind me while I listen to my stereo. It’s not all crap here in the flatlands. 20 minutes from White Sox Park (assuming light traffic - which is 50/50)!


Certainly didn’t mean to infer that, or I wouldn’t have spent most of my life there : ). I had a similar arrangement on my deck - best room in the house for half the year. Mounted B&W WM4 outdoor speakers to the further inside corners of the gazebo pointing back toward the house/patio table, and added a JL Audio boat sub in a homemade cabinet. Pretty easy to take.


Its all cool, my babies.


NH is gorgeous. Nearly broke my leg in my teens skiing Wildcat Mountain in icy conditions. Most beautiful fall colors drive of my life on the Kancamagus Highway. Back then (40 years ago?) at any rate, drank from the stream hiking up above The Flume and suffered no ill effects.


Nice after drinking, you are still among the living. The face of the old man of the mountain collapse into a landslide, so has mine. Hey, I’m happy. Hiking here is still great, like any where else. Like John Rivers singing, " Standing on a mountain looking down …


I visited Mt. Washington the winter of '88 from Snowbird, UT. The top was not crowded, in fact I think we were the only fools up there. I remember the Kancamangus, great road. Did the Man of the Mountain actually crumble or fall?


I always thought this was a good name for a SSID: Agloe, NY


This thread really is a suppository of knowledge.


Christmas coming and my wife loves to decorate. However, living in Arizona it’s 75F today and I have no snow to share; only Christmas decorations… :slight_smile:

OK - so here is my wife doing laps today… :slight_smile:


Looks like a beautiful room! Love the colors.


@brett66 - I raced Mt Washington some years back. The start of the race goes downhill for a few hundred feet and then it’s 6500ft running uphill in 6.5mi… 13% average and the top is over 20% for the last 1/2 mile… I have a running shirt for that race… 2007… 80F at the base and 40F with a lot of wind at the top and that was a calm day in June.