Random ticking sound coming from some disks on DMP

I’ve very recently noticed a random ticking poping static sound emanating from my speakers when playing certain disks through my DMP via my DirectSteam. It occurs anyware in the soundstage between the speakers. There is never any ticking sound when I use my DirectStream with my Music Server, but only when using the the DirectStream to play disks with the DMP. It sounds very much Like record (vinyl) ticks and pops, so I cleaned a few of the disks which had the “static sound” on them but that did not help. The ticking sound will increase and decrease in loudness as I increase or decrease the volume of my preamp and also occurs on the same locations on the disks and involved. Ive taken disks with which the problem occurred to my home theater system and played the same disk on my OPPO 203 SACD player, but are no ticking static noise via the OPPO. I’ve owned the disks involved for years and they are not damaged or scratched and they have played flawlessly without this issue until just recently and only on the DMP.

After playing one of the offending disks tonight, I unplugged the DMP from the rear panel on the slight chance that it might help, but it did not.

Incidentally I’ve owned my DMP since 11/2016 and never had an issue with these disks causing a ticking static sound before.

Has anyone else had a ticking poping sound occur with their DMP? Any ideas as to what might causing it? Very puzzling to say the least.

Hi @nordicbob1
The pops and ticks are a well documented issue with the DS-Dac (both Snr and Jr), especially with Redcloud OS and (I think) the previous Os.
It is being looked at. Huron doesn’t seem to do it but you lose a lot.
Ted’s interim answer is ;

tedsmithChief digital guru11d
If you are running into the FPGA bug in Redcloud each step you lower the volume will change the character of the noise until it’s gone all together. It’s disc dependent, some discs only need 99 or 98, the one you describe might need to go to 90 or the higher 80’s (just a wild guess.

Thanks Frank.

I didn’t know that it was related to the DirectStream as I haven’t been following the forums that much lately. I use my music server 90+ % of the time with the DirectStream and never heard it with that. I also have another DAC that I’ve been using a good deal of the time, so maybe that’s why it’s escaped me.