Memory player popping sound when first playing SACD

My memory player sounds terrific for the most part with my directstream DAC,that said I have one problem which while not the end of the world is very distracting and annoying.When I first play an SACD there is an audible click or popping sound I hear immediately upon pushing play and then it disappears for the rest of the track or album.I do not hear it when I advance the track or pause it…only when I first push play…I wonder how many others have this issue and what if anything is being done about it.I spoke to a tech a couple of months ago who told me it would be fixed in a firmware update but so far nothing!

That occurs with mine as well. Doesn’t bother me. There is another firmware update, reportedly an extensive one, in the works. No release date yet announced.

PS Audio are re-writing the DMP operating system. I think we need to accept the DMP is what it is until then.