RCA Cable Connections At Component

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I wanted to ask you about how important it is that RCA cables connect tightly? I ask because I have a new SACD player and the connectors seem a bit smaller than my old player, so that my RCA cable isn’t making nearly as tight a connection.

I am curious if it matters that the cable connects tightly and if so, can I simply use pliers to gently close the connector to make a tighter fit?


Tight fit is great. Yes, gently adjust the cable ends to make a snug fit—go slow.

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I read somewhere on the comparison of RCA and XLR connections. It says, one of the problem on RCA is the outer ring (ground) connection might no be “round” enough to have a tight fit, and might cause problem, so a good quality RCA connector is recommended. It also say if balanced XLR is available, XLR is also a preferred connection.