RCA shorting plugs worth it for PS Audio equipment?

Have BHK Pre and DS Snr Dac.

Obviously the kit is designed well,
watched Pauls video at Should you cover your audio inputs? - YouTube
Seems maybe not?

Any real world experience out there with rca shorting caps with our PS Audio gear?


I hope this helps!

This comes up a lot. Here is another thread:

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I had both XLR and RCA caps on for two years, and I removed them a few days ago and the SQ and soundstage was better without them.

But I have the outputs capped as well. According to Paul in the video one should not do that. So, I need to put them back in on the inputs only to see if there are any SQ changes.

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Okay, I again did not hear much difference when I put the caps back on at inputs only, and again my system sounded better after I removed them. My brain is playing tricks on me. How come I do not hear the difference when I put them on, but hear a better sound after they are gone? I am confused.

There is only one location where I thought the caps worked. I used XLR cables throughout. At the same inputs of the XLR (3 in my case), the RCA caps at 3 seemed to give me a better focus from DAC to Pre. But my brain was already confused and tricked so do not hold me to it. :face_with_peeking_eye:

{Edit: My daughter, my best critic when I am gone crazy on the audio stuff, told me there is no difference. She actually “guessed” SQ better without caps on there too).

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Thanks Everyone.

It’s good to have a copilot :slightly_smiling_face:


We’re the caps you tried shorting caps,
Or just the “Dust cover” type?


I have the EMI/RFI cover type without the inserts. If you investigate Cardis website, they recommend using their caps without the inserts as an EMI/RFI blocker and stated most preamps do not like the shorting inserts. My system has many good noise blocking tweaks already. So, they are less effective in my system, I think.

But I just ordered some cheap caps with inserts from eBay to try out. Have you tried any yourself? I was surprised they made my system sound worse.

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Ive ordered a bunch of the Oyaide MWA-RC ones,
inexpensive to try and have a layer of metallic material on the cap, so not just a plastic cap.

Sendust material,
remember that from on tape heads from back in the day.

Fitting to BHK Pre and DS Dac
Had Oyaide cables in the past, always struck me as sensible Japanese engineering.
See how it goes.

Hopefully they provide more benefit than dust covers in your system than mine.

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