Recalibrating your system after Sunlight

Thought I’d start a new thread on what some have done to recalibrate or tweak their systems after updating to Sunlight. It’s clear that Sunlight is a move forward in sound quality, but as many have come to realize this can be a double-edged sword. The lower noise floor in the DSD can now more easily reveal inadequacies in your system and poor recordings. Strip away noise and grunge and you’re going to get more clear picture of the recording quality and other components in your system. On excellent recordings Sunlight is a blessing, but on some poorly recorded CDs getting a clearer perspective of the recording distracts from enjoying the music. What’s odd though is that some poorly recorded CDs now sound better.

So what I’ve done so far to recalibrate my system is reposition of my speakers by decreasing toe in, along with ordering the Harmonic Technology Magic Audio HDMI cable, which I hope helps further refine the sound compared to the stock cable.

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Scared to move my speaker as I just got them in a good position.

I increased the bass in Roon for now since I felt like I lost some

You can always mark your speaker location with blue tape.

challenging in my particular situation thats why I have not yet but thanks

I had to move the speakers slightly forward to push the sound stage back. Sunlight is proving to be a great release

I replaced the stock tubes (one died) of BHK pre to Radiotechnique 12au7 a few days before the Sunlight FW. Now my system sounded so good and I was not sure how much SQ is contributed by the tube change. They had about 100+ hours now.

But the ambience and soundstage are fuller and deeper. The treble is warmer than before too. The voices are sweeter to almost tube like. Do I want to find out if the stock PSVANE 12au7 will sound as good? No, but I am ordering another pair of Radiotechnique for sure.