Receiver/amplifier & Interconnects for Elac UNI-FI BS U5

Good day everyone. I’m new to the Audio family.
First and foremost, I know absolutely nothing about audio.
I did a bit of research however on which speakers I should purchase, and for me personally it seems the Elac UNI-FI BS U5 was a perfect fit for my needs.

The problem:
I have no clue what to get for powering those speakers. I’ve never bought the equipment separately.
Currently, I use the Sony HTST3 Soundbar. It comes with a big subwoofer. I wonder, can I use this subwoofer for my new speakers? It has analog connections on the back, and HDMI, and Optical in/out.

I suppose I cannot. Now, again, I did a bit of research and found out about the Sprout.
Do I need a sprout? Should I use something different? And if so, why?

Hopefully, someone can help a newbie out!

Welcome to the forums and the HiFi Family. I guess the first question would be what it is you hope to achieve. Are you trying to add to a video system or do you want the Elac to simply play music through, etc. We’re glad to help, tell us what you’d like to achieve and the members here will chime in.

Hi Paul. I hope to achieve greater sound for movies AND music alike.
I do not try to set up a crazy home cinema.
Music however, is very important to me. So I would put that on the top of the list.

So it would be good for me if I could manage for both uses.
Budget wise, I’m very tight with money. Not looking to spend over $600.

Then a Sprout might be a good choice or at least get you close. Many (including me) connect their TV to one input of Sprout, their turntable and other sources through its other. When you wish to watch television, you simply flip the input selector. Will sound great! The Elac are a good choice.

Thanks for the quick reply :slight_smile:
One last thing, To buy an ELAC SUB 2030 or not?
According to some users, you don’t have to get a sub since the speakers are good enough.
I just try to get the best out of things with my minimal budget.

And because I watch movies, it makes sense to get them. Right?

I am willing to bet that folks here, as I do, will say add the sub if your budget allows. It rounds out the sound a great deal on all but the most esoteric speakers. Good luck on your journey, welcome to the forum

You’re going to eventually want a subwoofer but for now, start out with just this and then move slowly.