Alternatives for UNI-FI BS U5 with a Sprout100

I’m looking for an interconnect cable (Are they called Banana?) with the UNI-FI BS U5 that is connected to the Sprout100.
There are cheap and expensive ones out there. But are there truly any differences between them?
I’ve learned that with an HDMI cable, it’s all the same, and the expensive ones are there to rip you off. Believing you got the high end of things. (I know there are different types FYI)

Can I cheap out on this, and don’t notice a difference?
If I shouldn’t cheap out on cables, which budget cable will do just the trick for me to enjoy my new setup? Obviously, I do not want to bottleneck my speakers or the sprout by using a low-end cable.

The interconnect cable that is for sale on this website I have no interest in because the shipping/tax will be insane. So I rather purchase a cable in the EU. Preferably in Germany.


For clarification, are you referring to speaker cables? Or an interconnect for connecting a device to your Sprout?

I meant Speaker cables.

I’d say don’t break your bank, good cables from Blue Jeans Cables will get you good sound from your sprout. And careful saying any cable doesn’t make a difference in an audiophile forum, you’ll find advocates will great experience who will say otherwise.

I agree with aiki14, don’t over spend on speaker cables for a sprout system. My 2nd system in my den is a Sprout100 with Martin Logan 35XT’s and a ML sub. I use a set of audioquest cables that I think I paid $99 for and they sound great. The Sprout is a fantastic int amp and has a killer sound, but you probably won’t notice a huge difference with more expensive cables at this level (and it’s a great level!).

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