Sprout&elac combo question?

Building a vinyl setup using the sprout and had a question. Watching some videos of the elac db6.2 speakers on youtube I can see why Paul recommends them. I recall Paul in one of his ask Paul videos talk of the importance of speaker cables but also the importance of speakers. I’m wondering If quality cables (paul like’s audioquest) on the db6.2’s would sound better then cheaper cables on a higher end speaker in there lineup like the unifi 2.0. For a second question is there any turntable recommendations to pair with the sprout or would any quality brand(rega,pro-ject etc) be fine.

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  1. Cables are important, definitely. I think most around here would recommend you buy the best speakers and electronics you can andthen cables after that. Personal experience tells me the Unifi2.0 with a speaker cable lower in the AudioQuest range will give a better result. You can always start with a super budget cable and get a nicer speaker cable when funds allow, if you’re happy to wait. I think the oft-mentioned “10% total value in cables” is a good place to start. After you get established, who knows where the hobby will lead you?

  2. Don’t forget to budget fir a nice power cable for the Sprout. The improvements can be well worthwhile in terms of smoothness and resolution. AudioQuest make terrific and appropriately priced power cables for the Sprout. Again, you can always add one later on to give yourself a nice upgrade!

  3. Turntables at the budget end are really good these days. Rega and Project are really good places to start and have products at various price points that are bound to suit. The one thing I’d say is that their most entry level models often come with rather underwhelming cartridges (like the Rega Carbon). Something like an Ortofon 2M Red on an e try model Rega or Project can bring a lot of joy. There are often promotions running that give you a good discount, too.

Hopefully some more people chime in with their thoughts and different perspectives. There are quite a few paths to happiness.

I agree that for only a few bucks more a pair of entry level ‘audiophile’ speaker cables will make a difference. Audioquest makes a whole range of cables, I’m sure you could find one more than appropriate for this set up. Additionally AQ makes some quality bulk cable (Slip 14/2) that’s just a couple bucks a foot. You would need to add some banana plugs for your amp side, but AQ has got you covered there too. While a good power cable might not be a top priority I would consider that upgrade in the future.

Also you can’t go wrong with a Rega or Pro-Ject turntable. Both make a whole range and entry level is about $300. But to secoand the above point, a quality cart like the 2m Red will make more of a difference in the sound quality then dare I say the speaker cables at this point. Good luck and welcome to the board.

I’ve heard the rega planner one can’t easily except a cart change. Do you have any experience changing one on the rega or would maybe the project evo carbon be a better fit for upgrades?

I’m a pro-ject guy myself. My Carbon Esprit came with a 2m Red factory installed. I have since upgraded to the 2m Blue, that was a simple process, just removing the stylus. As for exchanging the whole cart, it’s prob pretty involved on any turntable. However people do it, I’m sure some members of the board have done it and could offer some tips.

Looks like most pro-jects come pre installed with sumiko rainers these days (makes sense I think they are both owned by the same co) and while I have not heard one personally they seem highly reviewed. I think Fluance have some turntables that come factory with 2m Reds.

When I owned Rega tables (RP1 and RP8) I only used Rega carts so I can’t speak to difficulties, sorry. Maybe Project is the way to go?

This gets terrific reviews

ended up getting a set of ELAC DFR52 floor standing speakers on a sweet deal. Would the sprout 100 work with these or would I need a more powerful option? I don’t plan on listening at louder volumes. Would I be correct that underpowering speakers can effect sound quality?
Product Specifications
Frequency Response: 42Hz – 35000Hz
Nominal Impedance: 6 Ohms
Sensitivity: 87db @ 2.83v/1m
Crossover Frequency: 90Hz/2200Hz
Max Power Input: 140 Watts

As you noted PS Audio pairs the Sprout with Elac B6.2 bookshelf speakers with the same sensitivity. Paul has spoken well of the pairing so I expect the Sprout will drive the DFR52 as well. The overall listening pleasure may be different but not the Sprout’s ability. Good luck.

You inspired me to dig out my Sprout and hook it up to my DFR52s using the basic cables that came with the Sprout-ELAC combo [Yes, I was hooked by that PS Audio “gateway drug”]. Alas, I don’t have a vinyl setup (the 90’s PL-510 lives in the basement and needs work) so I fed it with 2009 MacBook Pro with BitPerfect thru Audioquest Forest USB. Setup is in my front room which approximately 13 ft (W) by 17 ft (L) and by no means “optimized” for audio, speakers 6 ft apart and listening position at the apex of the usual equilateral triangle. Played Audiophile Masters Volume V with and without a REL T5/x sub [low level input through RCA cable - previous tests have convinced me that there was no advantage in the high level hookup]. The Sprout had no problem driving the DFRs. There is definitely greater fullness and depth to adding the subwoofer and I recommend it. My wife came in while I was doing this and I asked her how it sounded. “Terrific!,” she responded. But her jaw dropped when I pointed out that the Sprout was doing all the work while the PST, SGCD, BHK Pre, M700s and one of the REL subs sat idle. Really reminds me just how good the Sprout is even with power hungry speakers like the ELACs. YMMV when you do the vinyl setup but enjoy!

thanks for the reply. My room set up will be nearly the same as yours except my room is 16 by 21. not too concerned about the bass as much of the music I listen to is heavy on the vocals. I would buy one of paul’s bigger amps in a heart beat but that kind of money is not doable right now.

I had the DFRs connected as front speaker part of a 5.1 system in the family room using a Denon AVR-X2500h with 95 watts per channel. Size 14.5 x 22.5 x 9, open to the kitchen in the back. They did just fine there.

The sub is not just for bass. It really does fill in the sound throughout as an augmentation to your main speakers. Paul has done some videos on this and how to dial it in. Doesn’t have to be fancy. Let us know how it goes.

Just ordered the sprout after researching so many difference options in this price range. Also got a sweet deal (nearly half price) on a VPI Cliffwood turntable. Can’t wait to hear how it all sounds.