Recent update BubbleUpnp

New update BubbleUpnp offers a nice feature :

Browse the official Tidal and/or Qobuz app and share selected music almost instantly with BubbleUpnp to stream it to the Bridge, using the 3 dots of albums or tracks. Works like a charm happy-132_gif

Qobuz app:


Tidal app:


Thank you for this information. I ignored the update because been using Mconnect lately.


Got the latest version of BubbleUpnp and can’t make it work. BubbleUpnp doesn’t appear in the Qobuz app on iPad when trying to share a track playing. Today working with Lumin app, BubbleUpnp/Minimserver, BridgeII, Qobuz but would love to replace the Lumin app with native Qobuz app that offers information about the albums.

Is there a particular setup in BubbleUpnp to enable this new feature for the Qobuz app to see it? Thanks

The BubbleUp stands alone and has Qobuz functionality built-in. You use it to communicate directly with the Bridge II. You don’t need the Qobuz app.

While you could use the native Qobuz app in this manner, I am not sure what it offers that mConnect or BubbleUp (native Qobuz functionality) doesn’t - but I’m no Qobuz app expert.

I would encourage one NOT to use BubbleUp in this manner with Tidal - IF you want fully unfolded MQA playback. The native Tidal app does not allow MQA Masters. MConnect is the only option for MQA.

@snowfi ; You need the BubbleUpnp app on Android (not BubbleUpnp server) in order to use the function I described.

Just browse the Qobuz app, choose whatever you want and select ‘Enqueu and play’ (direct play) or ‘Enqueue’ to put it in the BubbleUpnp playlist (BubbleUpnp will play the selected files instantly after the ones you put in the Bubble playlist before). Qobuz holds the screen on the tablet and BubbleUpnp keeps doing it’s thing in the background (however switching is simple and fast when desired). There is no need switching between the apps; just keep on exploring Qobuz, lots and lots more to discover.

Functions perfectly and is by far my favorite method listening Qobuz Sublime+

I love it happy-132_gif

@ Jeff

The original Qobuz app is much more organized, intuitive and friendly compared to the mConnect app



Same for Tidal, but used in combination with Bubble indeed unfortunately without MQA… :frowning:

[EDIT] …would be nice to have this functionality in mConnect in a future update!

wijber said

@ Jeff

The original Qobuz app is much more organized, intuitive and friendly compared to the mConnect app

Right on. Makes perfect sense. And I will admit that the built-in Tidal and Qobuz functionality on both Mconnect and BubbleUp can be drastically improved. I have both Qobuz and Tidal. I will give it a try with the Qobuz app, but will not with Tidal due to the Master MQA issue I mentioned in my prior post.

Thanks for your input wijber.

Just loaded the official Qobuz app and gave it a try. Works perfectly. The only issue is you have to switch to the BubbleUp app to control what is playing, such as pausing. I tried to pause the song in Qobuz and it didn’t work. I then switched to BubbleUp and was able to pause it. Regardless, I agree the Qobuz app is SO much better and I will continue to stream my Qobuz music to the DS DAC in this manner.

Thanks wijber!

wijber said

@ Jeff

The original Qobuz app is much more organized, intuitive and friendly compared to the mConnect app

[EDIT] …would be nice to have this functionality in mConnect in a future update!

You’re telling me! But based on the current design of Mconnect and their seemingly disinterest in improving it, I won’t be holding my breath

Although it’s just a simple standard share functionality I’m afraid you’re spot on…crying_gif

And, it will only share one track at a time, unfortunately. So if trying to play an album, you will have to share every song unless I am doing something wrong.

I can skip to the next song via BubbleUp, but after each song ends, I have to go back to Qobuz app to play the next song on the album.

No problem to share complete albums fast and simple and no need to start every track manually in Bubble or Qobuz.

Select “Enqueue” and choose “always use this action when…” for fast and easy use.

Shared music is placed in the Bubble playlist. Once you select the first track in this playlist to start the music Bubble will keep on playing everything what’s in the list incl. everything you throw at it later on.

So back to the Qobuz app to explore, discover and share albums/tracks while Bubble keeps on playing the playlist, one track after the other, in the same order you placed them into the playlist by sharing :wink:

Select the upper 3 dots in Qobuz (directly below the album art at the right of the screen), one click to share complete albums from there.

Using the DS remote adjusting volume, pause, skip and play next there is even no reason to switch back to BubbleUpnp.

Jeff of Arabica said

And, it will only share one track at a time, unfortunately.

For Mconnect Control, I pick individual tracks using the three dots on the right and make a new “My Playlist” using a custom name. When I want to listen to that playlist I hit the top play button. Sorry if this is common knowledge, but there are ways around playing one track at a time. I haven’t tried sharing yet.

Thanks for the helpful posts wijber. I think I was dealing with BubbleUp being a bit glitchy and assumed it was a lack of functionality. However, I have since discovered it does work as it described in this thread and is playing through just fine. And yes, using the remote is the way to go!

oneartist said For Mconnect Control, ......... I haven't tried sharing yet.
You need the BubbleUpnp app to use the share functionality as described, unfortunately mconnectControl (HD) does not support this.

@MattC : would be very nice to ask Converse Digital to put this common share function on the wishlist for the next update in the mconnect apps…

…so everyone with a Tidal and/or Qobuz account can enjoy the possibility to use the original interface streaming Tidal- and Qobuz to Bridge II, regardless the use of iOS / Android. blush_gif