BubbleUPnP Now Performing MQA Passthrough from TIDAL to Bridge II

I like TIDAL and I like the Bridge II, but I am not a big fan of the ConversDigital mControl app that permits MQA to pass from TIDAL to the Bridge II. To my surprise, the BubbleUPnP app, which I have been using when streaming non-MQA TIDAL, is now performing an MQA passthrough from TIDAL to the Bridge II. I just discovered this tonight so I cannot yet assess the stability of the passthrough, but it is difficult to imagine that BubbleUPnP could be worse at this than mControl.

Note: I am using BubbleUPnP 2.8.13p1 (beta).

Thanks for this info! I’ve never been able to get MQA to work with mControl, so maybe I’ll dig out my old android tablet and see what happens. (I normally use an iPad, but BubbleUPnP will never get an iOS version.) After all the noise about MQA I’d like to hear it for myself.

Excellent - I find Bubble a nice application for Tidal, although it is missing a couple of features compared to Roon - for example, you can’t block Tidal tracks from within Bubble.

However, I’m running that beta of Bubble, and playing tracks marked by Tidal with a square-M does not result in anything beyond 16/44 for me. Puzzling.

@EldRick: I have multiple MQA “Masters” albums saved in my TIDAL favorites. When I played tracks from several of these saved albums last night using BubbleUPnP, the Bridge II recognized the MQA ‘flag’ and performed the MQA unfolds up to and including 24/192.

MControlHD is the best app to use for tablet devices. I actually find it very stable, and decent on the features and usability.

i would like the ability to add multiple Tidal album selections to a play queue without involving a Playlist

I agree with McGruder, Mconnect HD has been very stable for me with B2, Tidal and Melco. But it would be good to be able to queue Tidal tracks alongside tracks from my Melco.

For some reason I can’t get MQA to play via Bubble even with the latest beta. Is there some setting you need to find in the app?

@Dschamis: I do not recall changing any Bubble settings recently. If you go into TIDAL in Bubble and then click the gear at the top, confirm that in the box headed “Wifi/Eth audio quality,” the following appears: “FLAC (Requires TIDAL HiFi).”

Yes - that’s what its says - weird - I will keep playing with it.

BTW - just to confirm - are you using the BubbleUPnP Server? I am not.

I’m using the BubbleUPnP server, and don’t get MQA.

Hi all, I tried BubbleUPnP again tonight and all I could get from my bookmarked TIDAL Masters albums was 16/44.1 FLAC (i.e., no MQA indicator on the Bridge II). Not sure what changed from a week ago when I started this thread. Perhaps TIDAL was doing some temporary testing with its Masters streaming at that time in which the MQA flag was exposed/available for control point apps other than mControl? Anyhow, it is back to mControl for MQA streaming (unfortunately).


That IS unfortunate. I have been patiently waiting for an alternative to mConnect, which quite frankly is a joke. Plus, the company is completely unresponsive which further aggravates me. Yeah, technically it “works” but my God, it really is poorly coded and lacks some really basic features that creates a very annoying, and often unreliable user experience. I have used it extensively on Android and iOS - both are equally bad. Lets hope another option comes along soon.

I am very fond of Tidal and MQA in particular, so my hopes are I won’t have to wait too long.

Thanks for trying!

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Bringing this back. Mconnect keeps skipping using tidal and i am trying bubbleUPnp. Where in this can you see the tidal masters? Btw without finding the masters yet, regular tidal hasnt skipped yet where mconnect and mcontroll both skip or stop songs in the middle and wont play a full song.

BubbleUPnP is a much more stable app than mConnect in my experience. AFAIK, though, Bubble cannot read or decode MQA.

(My original post from October 2017 was based on a then-current beta version of Bubble. As I pointed out @ a week later in Post #10, above, the Bubble/MQA epiphany I experienced was short-lived.)