Recently acquired M700 pair and SGCD/Pre, sounds great!

Purchased from original owner who only used them shortly until his Mac amps were delivered, his loss my gain dollar wise👍, the combo replaces a Krell KAV 250a/250p combo, noticeably wider soundstage and more balanced output just to name a few Attributes so far.
I am using all AQ xlr cables, I am also running a Wadia cd player, dedicated laptop W/lps running usb out to a Matrix Audio S/PDIF 2 digital interface using the i2s out to the SGCD i2s input running Tidal through Audirvāna, :man_facepalming:t2: My god that little interface box running i2s just changed the sonics tremendously, why spend $2k+ for a separate streamer :man_shrugging:t2:.
All this glorious sound is emanating from my cherished Legacy Audio Focus 20/20 speakers with all updated crossovers from Legacy a year or so ago and a Legacy Pacemaker sub.
I have posted a couple topics here recently asking advice and want to thank the community for their helpful input, and thanks to sir Paul for his dedication to helping folks out via his input and videos.

What I have learned so far is to keep the M700/SGCD combo powered on at all times ( blue ps audio power buttons on) for better sonics, unless of course I am going to be traveling for some time👍.
Hats off to the Octave records group also, I have purchased a couple dsd recorded vinyl pieces to date with top honors thnks.

My apologies for the long winded post, enjoy your music :notes::v: