Recommendation for Bluetooth Audio Receiver please

Hi everyone. I’m looking for a quality Bluetooth receiver to hook up to my PS Audio BHK signature preamp. I would like to stream Apple Music into it as we all have Apple phones and tablets. My family has chosen Apple Music as their streaming choice and I’m actually ok with it for casual listening. If I find an album I really like, I usually will purchase the CD, LP or Hi-Res format of it.
I’m hoping that someone has actually listened to the product they recommend too.
If it has XLR connections, then even better, although not truly necessary.


Quality and BT rarely go together but you want to get one with aptX HD for highest fidelity. Unlikely you’ll find anything with balanced outputs.

I have a pair of these for various uses…many variations to choose from on Amazon. The transmitted sound quality is certainly worth listening but don’t expect it to be the best source for the BHK :wink: - No need to spend much, they are commoditized as the protocol is continually being developed. I’ve had this pair (sold individually) for about a year, both work fine still.

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I noticed that has an optical connection too. I wonder if that would be better connected directly to my DSDac?

I have one of these that I am not using as I went to roon and put the roon app on my grown children’s phones. It has optical as well.

It worked well when it was in use.

Check out Wyred4Sounds offering. I have never listened to it but I am sure that it is way better and of course way more expensive too.

I don’t think this cheap one has optical

How about a Sprout 100?

Hmm, never thought of that. That might be overkill though :crazy_face:

…so when I get one of these, should I run it straight to the BHK pre or should I utilize the DSDac?

No such thing as overkill. I think you can use the preouts from the sprout into the BHK. Call or email PSA and ask. I just bought a Sprout for a workshop system and it is a lot of machine for the money.

Ifi launched a new affordable Bluetooth streamer with balanced outputs

You might want to double check the streaming quality/resolution capability of Apple devices, to make sure you don’t have any concerns. I believe they (iPads and iPhones) are more limited than non iOS-based devices. Don’t have the details in front of me at the moment…

That looks like a great find. Specs look impressive

Yes, all ifi products are spec impressing… never got to use one in my own system though