Recommendations on using Sprout


I got my Sprout about a week ago. One thing I noticed is that the unit heats quite a bit, most of the time to a point that it is unpleasant if my hand accidentally rubs against it. I am wondering how normal this is and if so, what precautions should I take (if any) to minimise this effect. This happens when playing music and also when Sprout is simply ON without being in use.

I would also like to hear a recommendation, as I have failed to find one in the forums and in the user manual: should I turn my sprout to standby mode all the time when it’s not in use? If so and having the bluetooth mode in mind, I find it a bit odd that the unit cannot stay in some sort of standby mode (note that in the manual, the “o” option in the on/off switch is called standby, but it does not allow me to connect Sprout to my phone, or use any other function).

So if it is not on/off but on/standby, what is in fact working while in standby mode?

And why does it heat so much when “on” but not in use? Is it harmful to the unit?

Thanks in advance for your replies.

The heat from Sprout is normal and just fine. Keeps everything running optimally.

The heat comes from the internal power supply that runs all the time. It may seem excessive, but Sprout doesn’t draw that much power on a continual basis - there’s just no ventilation inside and so you get some heat build up. The unit was desifgned with that in mind and will not harm the longevity.

Should I turn my Sprout to standby when not in use? Will leaving it on continuously damage it?

Thanks in advance

I doubt that the lifespan will be significantly affected either way. I would just do it whichever way you are most comfortable.


Sprout does not have a standby mode, and even if it did, it would not be something that we recommend. Our products are designed to be left on 24/7. The exception is the several tube based products like the BHK series. Those should absolutely be left in standby.