Sprout power on/off used to click, no longer clicks

For the first few months of owning the Sprout, there was a reassuring “click” whenever I’d turn the Sprout on or off via the remote or the knob.

Not in the audio path, it sounded mechanical.

However, more recently, I have noticed it no longer makes this noise. It turns on/off silently. In daylight, in my room, it is hard to see the LED light, so I’m not always sure without checking if it turned on/off.

Any idea what might be up? Unit appears to be functioning as normal.

I’m surprised you’re not hearing it anymore. It’s a pretty loud relay in there and I think there may even be a few that go on/off through the power sequence. I’m not too sure what could be going on because if there was a sticky relay somewhere, you either wouldn’t get any power to is, or you wouldn’t get any audio.

Hmm that is strange. It’s definitely silent now, yet still working, and still turning on and off and performing as normal.

Should I be concerned? I’m still under warranty, so if it’s something that should get looked at I’d want to do this sooner rather than later, just in case.

Hard to say fore sure. Certainly keep an eye on it. Our warranty period and such is rather loose, so if something happens a year or two down the road, I’ll make sure out guys cover it. No worries there at all.