Sudden loss of power to PS Sprout

Hi all!

I have a one year old Sprout that myself and my wife absolutely adore. Running it with a Audio Technica turntable and some Elac B6’s. It has performed flawlessly for our use, which is what I would describe as casual, after work cocktail music listening.

Anyway, just now, as I was switching sides on the vinyl choice for the evening, we noticed we suddenly weren’t getting any sound. The turntable was functioning normally and is run through the the power source. I tried the Bluetooth and digital input and also got nothing. We plugged the sprout into another outlet and again, nothing. Clearly the Sprout has suddenly lost power for some reason (we had no suddenly surges in power, and it was plugged in via a surge protector anyway).

Any ideas what might cause this? Does the Sprout have a replaceable fuse? Any help would be appreciated! We love the Sprout but this would suck if it is now a fancy paperweight after one year of light use.

It wouldn’t be a fancy paperweight yet because it still has 2 years warranty remaining.

There are no internal fuses and it sounds like you’ve already removed the power cord and plugged it into a different outlet. If all that’s true give us a call and we’ll get you running.

Thanks for the advice, Paul! I’ll give the team a call today.