Reconnecting P300 fan

Does anyone know how to reconnect the fan on a P300? I disconnected it years ago to minimize fan noise; I was using it strictly with low-power source components, so overheating wasn’t an issue. But now I’ve forgotten how to reconnect it. I’m hoping to sell the unit, and I assume a buyer will want to know if the fan works.

Thanks in advance – Naun.

I expect it will be pretty obvious once you can inside the unit.

If not, please post some pictures of the innards. Somebody should be able to figure it out and give you a hand.

Here are pictures. I seem to remember a lead connecting the main unit to the fan, but I don’t see it any more. It may be that I outsmarted myself and removed it at some point. Thanks again for any tips.

Mine was rebuilt by Cullen Circuits but it looks like the fan circuitry should be the same as yours.

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Thanks for posting these pictures! I think I can see what to do from here, but if anyone else has further advice or cautions please do weigh in.
UPDATE: the fan’s connected and working. Thanks, everyone.


Very good