REL HT Subwoofer


I just bought a REL HT/1003 subwoofer. Have had it 34 days, precisely 4 days out of my Amazon return window. It connects to my DSJ via subwoofer line level cables. The sub has been great, with the same specs as the T/9i but costing $800 less.

Yesterday, sound no longer is coming out of the sub. In auto power mode, where at idle the light on the back is red, when music is played, it does turn white indicating the audio signal is reaching the sub. But no sound. I’ve let it sit for hours, both plugged and unplugged, hoping it would reset. But still no sound.

REL is closed today, just wondering if anyone has troubleshooting ideas.


You’d want to try even the old finger test where you take there RCA cable and touch the pen end with your finger with the sub volume turned up all the way. It should make a “blapping” sound. From the way you’ve described it something’s amiss with the sub but
it first must be determined. Try what I suggested.

Thanks Paul, I tried your test, no blap! Just got off the phone with REL, of course I named dropped letting them know John Hunter’s good friend, Paul McGowan, has been helping me troubleshoot (haha). They were very helpful and are shipping out a new amp. The back panel unscrews, then the amp disconnects from the speaker, and the new one goes in. Hopefully I’ll be back in business soon.

The sub has made a big difference for me. I had been holding out saving for a more expensive REL, but your Ask Paul video in which you said that HT subs and music subs are basically the same, inspired me to give this budget sub a try. And I’m blessed to not know any better, so it sounds great to me, thanks :pray: