Which sub to use?

I’m using the Sprout100 with the ELAC Uni-Fi UF5’s.

I’d like a more “full range” experience, so I need a sub. I’d have to spend less than $450 probably.


If you’re able to stretch your budget just a little further, I’ go with the REL T/5i no question. It’ll integrate really easily, and will have no problem filling out the bottom end (With proper setup of course).



Highly recommended.

Grab one used to stay within your budget.


But buying used is so sensible. You should open your wallet and spend aimlessly. As we all know, the quality of ones system is measured by how much they spend, not how good it sounds to them… :joy::joy:

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Any good spots to look for this type of used gear? Or I’m just dealing with eBay and craigslist?

Check out TMR. They have a good selection of subs constantly rolling through. I see a number of RELs up there quite often.

US Audiomart

In the order of my preference…

And keep your eyes on these fora…for great deals on pampered gear.

Happy hunting.


I’ve had stellar (pun intended) service from The Music Room. Good people.

I can vouch for The Music Room as well.

I use a pair of SVS Subs very high performance to cost ratio


I bought a used pair (2) rel T5 (minus the “I”) for $500 or less from echo audio in Portland, OR. I picked them up there, but they do brisk mail business. They post daily arrivals and most are sold within days. You can check inventory by category or brand. I think it’s a good shop.

I use a REL T 7i sub with my Klipsch Heresys and it is so transparent, I love it.

I suggest a discontinued Sumiko S5 for $499 from Paragon…a virtual twin of the REL T5.

Another budget idea is the REL HT line. The HT/1003 has similar specs to the $1300 REL T/9i but retails for only $500. The materials are more budget and it doesn’t have the neutrik connector, but the sonic specs are almost identical.

In an Ask Paul video he’s ask if it makes any difference if a sub is designated as a music sub or a HT sub. Paul said it does not. After seeing that video I bought a HT/1003 and it has been excellent.

There’s a used one on amazon right now for $369.

Take a look at Rythmik subs. Great subs for the money, all direct servo controlled. I’m using a pair of sealed 15" with the Hypex 900 watt amps.

Could look at REL Strata III used for 450ish

Simply can’t go wrong with REL. I own a R528SE which is well above your price point. But I’ve also owned more affordable models in the line and have experimented with other brands. There isn’t a more musically satisfying sub on the market. Also, after you’ve owned a REL I predict when you want to upgrade you’ll stay with REL.
Whatever sub you choose, enjoy!

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Just saw that the T/7is I just bought, are on sale (I got a better deal). I assume that means they are going to update the line? Hope not…just cus!

I’m running a pair or SVS SB-2000’s in stereo but initially I ran a single until my budget permitted me to go with two. I didn’t feel like I was missing out with one but set up was easier with two and they now reach waay deeper in lower frequencies without having crossover/gain setting issues. You really don’t hear them until you get a pleasant surprise. Then you still don’t hear them nor can locate them.

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I haven’t had much experience with the SVS but that sounds exactly like what you want in a subwoofer - to disappear and only add to the main speakers we needed. Well done.

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