Remote controll problem

When I use my PSA remote it also affects my LG TV
Dont imagine i can do anything about this but thought id post it here and find out
Thank you

Yes, know issue. PS Audio let’s other electronics manufacturers know what codes they us, but apparently LG does not care.

It’s actually worse than that. There is a service that registers codes for the very purpose of making sure there’s no cross pollination but LG and a few others choose to ignore industry standards.

I have a Hisense that has the same problem.

A tip that I got from this form, and helps with my TV is that PSAudio audio units seem to have a wider IR field of view and if you point the PSAudio remote to the ceiling when making changes the TV doesn’t see the changes but the PSAudio unit does.

This works with my setup, YMMV.

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Thx ill give that a try