Removing bhk 300 top?

I’ll be needing to remove the top of my 300 soon to replace one of the binding posts, which is striped.
I talked to Ps about this procedure and they said removing the top was easy but once I remove the hex screw I can’t get the corner plate to come loose.
I don’t want to use anything to pry it off and damage the metal. Has anyone remove the top if so please advise how you did.

I’m confused. The top itself comes off fairly easily. If you try to disassemble the chassis it’s one major effort.

To remove the top panel you have to remove all the hex screws at the top of the 4 corners. Then grip the ridge attached to the top panel at the rear then lift it upwards…

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Ok so what I think I’m doing wrong is I’m not removing all four screws first and then just lifting up from the back. I was trying to remove the side plate one at a time.

Got it off.