Jamesh ..... how to remove P20 top plate?

I’m trying to install the AB7050HF under my P20 top plate, as per ‘P20 performance tweaks’ thread.

I’ve removed the 4 Allen bolts on each of the four corners of the P20 and attached my tile lifter.
When I try to remove the top the front section of the lid comes away cleanly but the rear section seems to want to also lift a black strip of metal that runs along the top back edge of the chassis?
The black strip runs just above the ethernet port.
As per the photo, I don’t see any screws holding this metal strip in place?

Can you describe the correct method for removing the top please?

I’ve my system stripped down to access the P20 top so can’t really do anything until this is resolved.

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Perhaps it is integral to top cover.

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From PS Audio:

Yeah, removing those 4 hex screws, then using a tile lifter/ some sort of suction cup, life up gently from the middle point of the top. You may also get away with pulling on the back metal bar, but the suction cup is more reliable and less damaging. Be mindful of the EMI strips and don’t loose those, as they can short internal components should they fall in the wrong spot.

That should do it. Oh, and make sure it’s unplugged for at least a couple hours.

If it is like my P12 , it is a tight fit. Carefully wiggle and lift until she’s exposed. Try not to get too excited with her top off!

Good luck!


Thanks for the update.
When I pull on the tile lifter the back strip seems to want to lift too, as if it’s interlocked with the top plate.
So I didn’t want to force it.
Should the back strip come off too?
I see no screws holding it in place.

As I’ve never seen inside a P20 I don’t know where the EMI strips are located?

I’m only planning to remove the lid and attach the AB7050HF by it’s adhesive side to the underside of the front part of the lid and re-attach the lid again.

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From looking at the images it looks like it will lift off with the top cover plate.

Yes, I had another go at it … the back metal strip is actually part of the P20 top so it all lifts off in one piece.
I originally thought the lid was separate from this back metal strip.

Problem solved.


How about sharing some photos of your upgrade before and after?

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Cool, glad you got it off. In production, I see the guys actually pull it up by that metal strip in the back. They seem to have it down to a science at this point and seems like it’s fairly easy.

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Yes, it confused me, I thought the back strip was a separate part but turns out to be an integral part of the lid.

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No point in diluting that thread.
This one was only on how to remove the P20 top.

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